Popovich doesn’t stop DeRozan for 20,000 points but leads Spurs to win

  On October 29, Beijing time, Popovich did not prevent DeRozan from breaking the 20,000-point mark, but he prevented the Bulls from winning.

  Before this game, DeRozan was just seven points away from reaching 20,000. Reporters jokingly asked DeRozan if Popovich would try to prevent him from breaking 20,000 points.

  DeRozan replied with a smile: “He’s that kind of guy.”

  Of course this is just a joke, Popovich didn’t do that to his former disciple. Of course, even if Popovich tried to stop it, it probably wouldn’t work. It would be harder for DeRozan to score under 7 points than for him to score 50 points.

  DeRozan finally scored 33 points, and his career has reached 20,026 points. He is the 54th player in NBA history (including ABA) to exceed 20,000 points.

  Although DeRozan was unhappy with the Spurs, he still had a good relationship with Popovich, and the two hugged affectionately.

  Popovich’s Spurs got another win, going 4-2 with a surprising 4-2 record. (Angkor)

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