Police major joint money! Come and get your exclusive taste


Police exclusive

taste in memory

Limited fragrance!

Sweet orange, tangerine bring fruity refreshment

Rose and jasmine contain softness and sweetness

Green grass and broken leaves reveal the freshness of nature

On the campus of the National Police University

What kind of exclusive flavor can you get?

Come and collect the exclusive perfume of the police force~

Big taste, big taste, big taste, big taste, big taste, big taste

fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant 

The top note of perfume is the joy of first seeing

The first smell left is the first impression of the police.

The middle note of the fragrance is the long-awaited refreshing

Haunting for a long time, whispering about the unexpected police life

The aftertaste of the perfume is the aftertaste that gradually dissipates

After reminiscing, to touch the memory of the police force buried deep in my heart

Fragrance Type 1: “Slightly Dewy Morning”

Police college students in the mist start a tense “early six”

The refreshing taste is based on the dew of the police

The top note is the figure running towards the light when the sun rises

The middle note is the morning reading page caressed by the morning breeze

The back tone is the students’ longing for a new day


Fragrance Type 2: “Cabernet Orange”

In the evening, the pink fire clouds in the sky are gradually falling

This is a fragrance that captures the sunset

The top note is a relaxing end to a stressful day of training

The middle tone is the comfort of strolling and enjoying the sunset at the police station

The back note is to recall the fulfillment of a day full of harvests


Fragrance Type 3: “Fang Fei Hua Ci”

The campus of the National Police University is never short of the fragrance of grass and trees

Pick a flower as a natural ingredient

The top note is the peach blossom in full bloom in the bright spring

The middle note is straight pine in the cold wind

The base note is the aftertaste of cloves in the hands of the graduation season


Fragrance Type 4: “Quiet Ink Fragrance”

The tip of the pen rustled across the page

The scent of ink in the book haunts my mind

The top note is the thirst for knowledge in the police school’s sub-classroom

The middle tone is the perseverance and eagerness to learn under the night light

The back tone is the unremitting persistence of every dream chaser


Fragrance Type 5: “Pure Breeze”

The wind will never run away from a sincere boy

For a moment, the breeze swept across the boy’s forehead, bringing coolness

The top note is the dynamism on the court

The middle note is the sprinting pace on the playground

The back tone is the always clear eyes of the police youth


New buds grow in early spring, cicadas chirping in midsummer

The golden autumn campus dusk, the snow in the early winter

Witness every moment of the police youth here

Can write poetry, draw pictures

It can also be an impressive aroma

What does the police station taste like in your memory?

fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant fragrant  

Author: Gong Xinyi, Chen Xuanrui

Hand-painted丨Wu Dingding

Picture丨Wang Huawei Liu Heng Li Jiajun

Editor-in-Chief: Li Xiaojie Editor-in-Chief: Jin Huifeng

Student editor in charge: Liu Kaiyi Gong Shuofan

Student Intern Editor: Li Yifei Literary Jin Yu Shuo

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