“Pokémon Zhu Zi” will have 18 badges to collect NPCs and no longer block the battle

As the first open-world game in the actual sense of the main series, “Pokémon Zhu Zi” will include three adventure routes in addition to the usual challenge gyms in the series. According to new information, there are a total of 18 badges for players to obtain for the three routes in “Pokémon Zhu Zi”. This includes the traditional “Road to Champions” with 8 gym badges, in addition to 10 new badges from the “Road to Stardust” for defeating villains and the “Road to Legend” for finding legendary ingredients.

Although players can get Legendary Pokémon as mounts at the beginning of the game, the travel functions such as jumping, swimming, and flying need to be unlocked by players during missions. In fact, it is still impossible to run around freely at the beginning of the game. However, players can freely teleport between the explored markers.

In the wild, Pokémon adopts the same Minglei setting as in “The Legend of Pokémon Arceus”, even if it is a different-colored Pokémon, it can also be directly discovered. However, it requires players to fight to conquer it. NPCs also no longer have the rules of the rivers and lakes that “the trainer’s eyes are opposite to each other”, and the road will no longer be blocked.

In terms of combat, the Pokémon of the entire team still share experience, but the experience of automatic combat will be lower than that of player-operated combat. The feature of this time, “Too Crystallization” will change the attributes of Pokémon. For example, Pikachu’s electric attribute will become flying attribute, and the power of Pokémon’s moves will retain the electric attribute bonus and increase the flying attribute bonus. In terms of damage, only flight attributes are calculated.

In the picnic mechanism in the wild, it is a step newer than the camping mechanism of “Pokémon Sword and Shield”. Players can play, bathe, eat and take pictures with Pokémon, and enhance the relationship between players and Pokémon through these activities.