“Pokémon: Zhu/Purple” Ghost Pokémon “Grave Puppy” introduction video

“Pokémon: Zhu/Purple” Ghost Pokémon “Grave Puppy” introduction video

“Pokémon: Zhu/Purple” The video of the ghost Pokémon in the Pardia area has been released. This is the stage of “Pokémon: Zhu/Purple” – the documentary video of the Pardia area. The video appears to have been filmed by students at the Orange Academy in a haunt of ghostly Pokémon. However, this time it seems to have been shot at night…?

“Pokémon Zhu/Purple” introduction video “Tomb Puppy”


Introducing the newly discovered Pokémon in the Padia area, “Grave Puppy”! It usually sleeps quietly underground, waiting for humans to approach itself. As long as someone plays with it, it will be happy to follow that person all the time, and it is a Pokémon that loves close people!

Will hide in the ground and jump to the ground with a weird cry

Usually will sleep quietly underground, almost motionless. It will stick its head out of the ground and light up the eerie light at its top, waiting for humans to come close to it. The tomb puppy will startle a lot of people by making a weird bark and jumping to the ground as soon as someone gets close, but it doesn’t seem to be malicious.

Love closeness, fear loneliness, but be careful not to play with it too long

It has a gentle temperament and loves to be close to people. As long as someone plays with it, it will be very happy and will always follow behind that person. Among the Pokémon that live in the Padia region, it is also known for being an easy companion. However, the tomb puppy will gradually absorb the essence of human beings unconsciously, so you must not play with it for too long.

“Pokémon Zhu/Purple” will land on Switch on November 18, and pre-orders are now open!