“Pokémon” sparks, water guns, and electric shocks are three indispensable skills in the early customs clearance process!

Early-stage transition skills are not uncommon. The ones mentioned by Xiao Er before, such as bumping, slapping, etc., belong to this series. However, these so-called transition moves have a large degree of general attributes, which means that other attributes are No early transition moves? This is not the case, because the Yusan that the player obtained in the early stage is not a general type, but a water, fire and grass type, so naturally there are early transition skills of other attributes. The three moves to be introduced in this second part are Spark, Water Gun. As well as electric shock, these three moves are very similar except for their attributes, so let’s put them together, so let’s take a look.

PS: This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me.

The standard of the three fire-based royal families, sparks:

The first is the move of the spark. All the three fire-type Yujia will learn the skill of the spark at the beginning, so they often use the spark to transition. Players are also familiar with this move. Except for the fire-type Yusan, many other fire Pokémon also have this skill, so it is basically a skill that players will not bypass. The basic power of the spark is 40, the hit rate is 100, and there is a 10% chance to cause the target to fall into a burn state. The unofficial The commonly translated name of ‘s is Huo Miao; apart from Tutu Dog, the Storm Flying Dragon family is the only non-fire-type Pokémon that can learn this move and cannot evolve/change into a fire-type Pokémon.

The same is true for water guns:

Then let’s talk about the water gun. The water gun is a water-type move with a basic power of 40, and the hit rate is 100. However, compared with the spark, there are no other additional moves. In general, the effect is better without a spark, but after all, the impact surface of the water wash and the fire element are It’s not the same, so you can’t just say good or bad, but it depends on the attributes of the scene. Although the water gun can also be learned by many water-type Pokémon, not all the three water-type royal families can learn it. No, but in the game, the water jumping fish you just received can’t use water guns, but in the animation, you can, but because there are many members of the water system, there are even more water guns.

Electric shock, although not an attribute of the Royal Family, is equally important:

In the end, it is not the three attributes of the Royal Family, but it is also very important electric shock. In the early game of many generations, players can encounter Pokemon of the electric type, such as Pikachu, and the electric type is also very good in battle. Blindness, plus the appearance of some initial Pokémon with electricity systems, such as “Pikachu”, “Let’s go Pikachu”, etc., the power value of the electric shock is also 40, the hit rate is also 100, there is a 10% chance to use The target falls into a paralyzed state, which is similar to Spark in various aspects. It is also the same with a large number of Electric Pokémon that can be learned. In the game, after Pikachu changes clothes, the electric shock moves will change accordingly.

From the perspective of these three moves, there is indeed a high similarity except for the attributes, and they will be mentioned together to avoid repeating them in the future.