“Pokémon” Nightmane Rock Werewolf is more durable, isn’t it really not a battle against Crispy?

We introduced the maned rock werewolves in the daytime form before, and also said that the maned rock werewolves in the day form are the most representative of all the maned rock werewolves, which can uniformly explain the strengths and shortcomings of the three maned rock werewolves. The maned rock werewolf in the night form we are going to introduce in this article, although it does not have the same speed as the day maned rock werewolf, but the reduced speed is piled up for durability. From this point of view, the maned rock werewolf in the night form should go. It’s a shield-oriented route, but is that really the case? You must know that the regular impression of Mane Rock Werewolf to players is that it is crispy. Can it really be saved by just pulling up some durability?

Maned Rock Werewolf (Night Appearance): Attributes (Rock), Traits (Sharp Eyes/Energetic/Undefended). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

It’s not very meaty, and it’s the same as outputting.

Heiyemane Rockwolf increased three resistances by 10 points respectively, but in conclusion, this did not make the Nightmane Rockwolf more fleshy, but lost the original 112 high speed. From this point of view, Xiao Er felt that it was a bit of a loss. The Mane Rock Werewolf itself has a poor durability foundation. It can’t be recovered by 30 points of durability. Secondly, it is stuck at the speed of 82, and lacks a lot of opportunities to get ahead. If I have to say, the Mane Rock Werewolf in the night is still in the bias. In the category of crispy skin, in the singles, the maned rock werewolf can be a tool person, such as throwing a nail or something, but this is actually a daytime, and it is not really necessary to bring a double return like Glagio, right? ,

In terms of characteristics, the mane rock werewolf in the night can be better than the daytime. I don’t know if it can be considered as a blind supplement to some extent. The energy can prevent being hypnotized, can block a part of the hypnotized party, and the lack of defense characteristics can be corrected. The hit rate of such a move as own sharp stone attack increases the fault tolerance rate of the night mane rock werewolf to attack to a certain extent. The night mane rock werewolf still relies heavily on output as the main consumption method, and the day’s The same basic attack has reached 115. Because of the increase in durability, the Nightmane Rock Werewolf can consider whether it can find an opportunity to strengthen the sword dance in the battle.

Recommended moves: Sword Dance/Invisible Rock + Close Combat + Sharp Stone Attack/Rock Collapse + Crush

Xiao Er is paired with a double attack that is partial to singles. In doubles, it has the characteristics of undefended rock avalanches. In addition, it can also interfere with loud roars. However, the characteristics are still a bit lacking. The substitutability is still very strong. Even if the sword dance is strengthened, the mane rock werewolf in the night has the problem that it is difficult to take the lead. If you want to do core output, you need teammates to help you control the speed. If you want to bring a scarf to increase the speed, you must go four attacks. In this way, it will be difficult to keep up with the strength. In terms of overall performance, there are actually quite a few problems with the Nightmane Rock Werewolf.

Well, the above are some personal supplements of Xiao Er’s battle against the Nightmane Rock Werewolf, and we will wait until next time for the dusk form.