“Pokémon” mentions the naysayer feature, why do few players think of the elf Orchid Mantis?

Grass-type naysayers, how many players first think of the monarch snake, although the monarch snake has characteristics such as poor tricks, but the brainless Flying Leaf Storm and the use of features to strengthen their own routines still impress many players, but when it comes to naysayers In the case of grass-type Pokémon, the monarch snake is not the only one. The Orchid Manghua we will introduce in this article is also one of them. However, when it comes to Orchid Manghua, few players will think of the naysayer characteristic. Isn’t it related to the fact that the Pokémon itself is not popular? So in this case, what kind of route did Lan Tanghua take in the battle? Let’s take a look.

Orchid mantis flower: attribute (grass), characteristic (leaf defense/naysayer). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

What else can you do if you don’t sing the opposite? Could it be a leaf defense?

In some respects, Orchid Mantis is helpless to carry the naysayer characteristic, because another characteristic – leaf defense is indeed a bit unreliable, and it is often a whiteboard characteristic, but, compared to Monarch Snake, although Orchid Manhua has the same Flying Leaf Storm is a skill, but its own racial value is output by partial attack, and the speed is still relatively low. Although the improvement brought by the Flying Leaf Storm in the back will be there, but if you don’t take space, it can be strengthened after strengthening. How many rounds will it take? This is very telling. Basically, Lan Tanghua needs to cooperate with the space to go out, and the best environment is the Space Sunny Team.

The Lan Tanghua of the Space Sunny Team, in addition to its own output from the Flying Leaf Storm, also has a very important blind-filling method – the weather ball. If it comes to the skill of Sunlight Blade, then it also needs to cooperate with sunny days, but the opening of sunny days in space is too harsh. Orchid Tanghua itself does not have the conditions to be a space hand. In Xiao Er’s opinion, it satisfies the output of space and cooperates with sunny days. This is already a very good situation, and it is precisely because the basic output ability is average, coupled with the limited interference ability, that it limits the play of Orchid Tanghua, and it is not a feature to be a naysayer.

Recommended moves: Flying Leaf Storm + Weather Ball + Photosynthesis + Poison Strike

Although Xiao Er listed the special attack gameplay here, please note that Orchid Tanghua can attack with objects. It has brute force that is not of its own type. Brute force can also increase object attack and defense with the help of naysayers. Ye Fengfeng is a special attack that increases two stages at a time. The difference between the double attack of Lan Tanghua itself is not large. Is it to use Feiye Fengfeng to increase the output of this department’s special attack incidentally, or to increase the output while increasing the output of physical attack brute force. Durability, it still depends on the player’s own choice and team configuration, but how to say, the two strengthened Orchid Flowers are facing the problem of poor tricks and speed limit performance, which is still quite a headache.

Orchid Tanghua’s output conditions are too harsh, and there is no shortage of good special attack output and physical attack output in the space. Is it easy to stand out just by singing a naysayer? It’s hard to say.