“Pokémon” Mega steel snake really doesn’t need anyone? What can I do as a top shield?

The Big Steel Snake, a Pokémon, has been ridiculed by players as “a Pokémon that does not exist in the illustrated book” for a long time, and the origin of this stalk is related to the Mega evolution of the Big Steel Snake. You must know, Mega evolution is often a setting to strengthen the Pokémon’s own combat power (but there are also counter-examples, such as biting the land shark fiercely). Is it because the Mega Evolution of the Big Steel Snake is not easy to use? Not necessarily, although the Mega Steel Snake is not the top of the Mega, it has its own positioning characteristics, let’s take a look.

Mega Steel Snake: Attributes (Steel/Ground), Characteristics (Sand Power). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

Is the big steel snake really the first shield?

In terms of racial value, this is indeed the case. The Mega Steel Snake, like the Mega Boss Cordola and Kettle, has a super high physical defense value of 230, but the basic HP of the Mega Steel Snake is only higher than the above two. , However, the level of durability is often not determined by the racial value alone. You must know that Mega Boss Cordola has filtering characteristics, and the resistance of pure steel is actually no worse than that of steel, so who can stand better? The field is actually self-evident, but even so, the high basic material resistance of the big steel snake and the inherent good resistance brought by the steel system still make it of great significance in the transfer and joint defense.

Moreover, the attributes of the big steel snake can be aimed at some popular attributes to a certain extent, such as super power, goblin, electricity, etc., especially if it has electricity immunity, it is easy to defend against the output hand of electricity, but in turn Mega big steel The problems of snakes are also diverse. As a shield, they do not have a good battery life, and their feature is the power of sand. This feature makes the Mega Steel Snake a lot less available. After all, such a shield needs to be used in sandstorms. It’s still a bit difficult to play in the weather, and it’s still a low speed. If you want to take space and cooperate with sandstorms, I think it’s difficult to drive such conditions.

Recommended moves: Gyroball + sharp stone attack / rock avalanche + earthquake / 100,000 horsepower + flame teeth / frozen teeth / invisible rock

What Xiao Er recommends here is four-attack or three-attack rock nails. In fact, the big steel snake can only use output consumption to a large extent as a shield. The function is relatively simple, and the power of blind compensation is generally not high. , and the walking attack is easy to be intimidated, which is why the power of sand is more embarrassing. If you are single, you can act as a nailer to be a tool man. In addition, you can also play the curse-enhanced gameplay, with the durability of the curse. In this way, it is better to stand on the field, but in the final analysis, the Mega Steel Snake is very afraid of being consumed by blood, because the props are locked in the evolution stone and they can’t even bring leftovers, which is still very uncomfortable.

Well, the above are some personal supplements of Xiao Er’s battle with the Mega Steel Snake, so in fact, the Mega Steel Snake is not really useless. Just kidding, serious words really won’t “get out of the picture book”.