“Pokémon” is set to be a strong solution, why is it so weak in actual combat?

Among the moves and skills of “Pokémon”, many of them are very powerful at first glance, and even from the setting point of view, they are particularly easy to use, such as the mind power in the super power department, this move is in the animation In many cases, there is no solution. There is also the immobilization method that Xiao Er just mentioned not long ago. In animation and comics, the opponent can be immobilized, but in the game, it can only block the skills that the opponent has just used. This article The move that Xiao Er wants to introduce is also one of them, and that is the solution. The skill of the solution is very expressive, but it is actually very weak. So, let’s take a look at it together.

PS: This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me.

Poison output skills of soy sauce:

The situation of the dissolving liquid is a bit similar to the other transitional output skills mentioned earlier by Xiao Er, because its basic power is only 40, so to put it bluntly, it was used for customs clearance in the early stage, but generally speaking, poison-type Pokémon It’s hard to come across in the early game, and some novice Pokémon are rarely able to learn such poison-type blindness. For now, the number of Pokémon that can learn the skill of dissolving solution is also very limited. This move There is also an additional effect, that is, a 10% chance to reduce the target’s special defense by 1 level. The chance is so low that it can even be ignored.

However, the performance of the solution in animation is no less than that of “bug” skills such as mind power. For example, in the episode where Ash and his party were killed in a shipwreck, Musashi asked Abai Snake to use the solution. Melting the ground of the cabin directly, and in other episodes, there have been scenes where the dissolving liquid dissolves trees, stones and the like many times. If you look at it like this, the dissolving liquid should be the most unsolvable and most powerful Poison-type move. Yes, it may also be that the animation team has misunderstood the move itself. In the initial setting of the game, there is a high probability that the dissolving effect of the dissolving liquid will not be so exaggerated, otherwise it will be played.

Two or three things about the solution:

At present, among the Pokémon that can learn the solution, the more typical owners are the Abo Monster family, the Dashihua family, the stinger jellyfish family, etc. Well, it’s quite surprising that the three-generation Devourer family can’t learn this skill. Yes, Xiao Er thinks that this move should be the most suitable for dissolvent beasts and devouring beasts, but no matter whether you have it or not, dissolving liquid is not destined to be a skill that can be active in battles. In addition, the moving description of dissolving liquid is “will Spilling strong acid on the opponent to attack”, many foreign names also mean “acid”, but strong acid can corrode metals, which is different from the ineffectiveness of moves against steel properties.

Well, the above is Xiao Er’s personal opinion on the move of dissolving liquid. The low-power move of the poison type has given a relatively high setting as yes.