“Pokémon” How did Mega Heracross become the real bug king? How terrible is the output?

Heracross was once known as the “Insect King” in the early games, and he was impressed by the successful remake of the headwind. Since then, Heracross’s characteristics of changing his life against the sky have become a lot of players in the Pokémon circle. However, if we really want to say that the majesty of Heracross as the “Insect King” is still reflected in the evolution of Mega, it can be said that among the four insect systems of Mega evolution obtained in the sixth generation, only Heracross’s The output can reach the point of being unparalleled, and the ultra-high output in the Mega Heracross battle also needs characteristics to cooperate, let’s take a look.

Mega Heracross: Attribute (bug/fighting), characteristic (continuous attack). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

Terrible output from continuous attacks.

The output ability of Heracross after Mega evolution can be said to have broken through a new bottleneck. It has a basic attack of 185, plus the feature of continuous attack, what does this feature represent? As long as the continuous attack moves are used, it can ensure that the total damage of the continuous output can exceed 120 every time. With the combination of the upper physical attack and the bonus of this type, it is terrible and outrageous, even if the insect with a poor attack surface is used. Missile needles can still cause terrifying output. This is the strength of the real “Insect King”. Under the condition of continuous attack characteristics, Mega Heracross’s attack is very powerful.

The high output of Mega Heracross is bound to overwhelm many other output players. In many cases, it has a good shield breaking ability. Although the speed has been cut by 10 points, the original speed of 85 is not very critical, so there is no It is as deadly as Biting the Land Shark, but the speed is indeed the shortcoming of Mega Heracross. The speed of 75 is difficult to find a chance to take the lead. It needs teammates to help control the speed. , only Worm Ben’s feature bonus can be seen as an official restriction, resulting in the fact that Mega Heracross’s output actually has a blind spot in the battle.

Recommended moves: Sword Dance/Stupid + Close Combat + Missile Needle + Rock Blast

For Mega Heracross, another very important skill is rock blasting. Although it is not this type, because it is a continuous attack move and a better strike surface of the rock type, the priority is even higher than that of the missile needle, even With the blessing of the grassland, it is not necessary to carry the missile needle of this type but the seed machine gun. It can be seen that the attack surface of the insect is much more stretched. Of course, it can actually attack four times, but the second one is listed here. It’s still a sword dance or a double attack. Needless to say, the double is very important for Heracross, who has a worrying speed. Sword dance, as long as you succeed once, you will earn blood.

Although Douben doesn’t have a choice of continuous attacking moves, Mega Heracross still needs Douben for no other reason. The fighting style is so good that it is not comparable to the insect style.