“Pokémon” has three effects with one feature, so the battle of the spider tyrants is so rogue!

At first glance, the Pokémon of Dizhuba has no output ability, but in fact, the Dizhuba in battles often appear as water-type turrets, which is related to the characteristics of Dizhuba. It’s a big deal, where is the rogue of Di Spider Ba? That is, it enjoys three effects that do not seem to be bad with only one feature, and also has become the capital of the water system output with the existence of the fortress, so, in the battle, what is the spider tyrant? How does it play, and what are its characteristics? What kind of shortcomings does it have? Let’s take a look.

Spider-Man: Attributes (water/worm), characteristics (bubble/water storage). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

How rogue is this feature of blisters?

If you use the spider tyrant, you will undoubtedly use the blister feature. There are three effects of this feature. The first is to reduce the damage caused by fire attribute moves by 50%. Although it is not immune to the fire element, it was originally caused by the insect element. The fire-resistant Drop Spider Bar has become fire-resistant again, adding a resistance, the second is that it will not fall into a burn state, so it can be used to resist skills such as ghost fire, and the third is the power of water attribute moves It has doubled as the original, which is also the main reason why Dripping Spider Ba can be a water-type output player. Go directly to an attribute version of Hercules, and you can change any Pokemon to output.

Therefore, there are only two places where the spider tyrant is dragged down. The first is that the familiarity of insects is not as good as other water-type attribute combinations, but water insects are better in insect-type combinations after all. On the other hand, Di Spider Ba has a low base speed and is not suitable for taking the lead. The base speed of 42 can be matched with space, but it is difficult to say that it has a good standing ability when there is no space. Besides the water system, drip Spider Ba’s other output damages do not have any bonuses. In addition, the insect-type attack surface also pulls the hips. It is easy to be targeted by the opponent in turn by relying on the water type of this type for output, and it is difficult to serve as the main core output.

Recommended moves: Water Rupture + Lifesteal + Poison Strike + Specular Reflection

What Xiaoer recommends here is the direct four-attack gameplay (yes, mirror reflection is also an output skill), but the main output of Di Spider Ba is all here in the water book, and in the occasions where the water book can be used, the insect book or other supplements are not used. Blindness is necessary. Insect blood-sucking can properly help Dizhuba to survive. Poison attack can do some specific targeting. It is a better blindness attribute of Dizhuba. The reason why we consider specular reflection is because Dizhuba itself The special defense is good enough. When targeting some special attackers, it is easy to overcast the opponent with a mirror reflection and the backhand with a low speed, thus turning the tide of the battle.

Well, the above is the personal supplement of Xiao Er’s battle against Dizhuba, but there are not many Pokémon that can have three effects with one feature like Dizhuba.