“Pokémon” has the same power of the sun as the fire-breathing dragon, but it is difficult for Mega Heluga to have a high outbreak?

The eight generations of the fire-breathing dragon let us see that even without the Mega, it has a terrifying explosive power. Although this is partly due to the increase in power brought by the giant, but the fire-breathing dragon itself has a foundation. This output can reach a very terrifying level, but as early as the sixth generation, there was actually a Pokémon that also had the power of the sun, and it was still a Mega, which is the Mega Heluga we are going to introduce in this article. But we have rarely heard that Mega Heluga is an existence with a high output explosion, so does it mean that it is difficult for Heluga to create opportunities for explosive output?

Mega Heluga: Attributes (Evil/Fire), Characteristics (Power of the Sun). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

Did the output explode? wrong! On the contrary, it is terribly high!

Is the output of Mega Heruga really that bad? Naturally not, on the contrary, basically if it has the characteristics of triggering the power of the sun, it is a very top level. Compared with the fire-breathing dragon which only has a basic special attack of 109, the basic special attack of Mega Heluga has reached 140 (although the fire-breathing dragon may have a basic special attack of 140). Carrying props to increase output), in the case of triggering the power of the sun, the output of Mega Heluga is unmatched by the same special attack. With such a good usage rate, there is a reason for Jujuhua to participate in it, and Mega Heruga failed to get the cup.

Because the gigantic transformation can effectively increase the user’s HP and make it more fleshy, without these conditions, the power of the sun is one that can bring high benefits, but in turn also accelerates the user’s HP reduction. The double-edged sword feature, without the blessing of the super-giant feature, the Mega Heluga with only 75HP can easily be consumed by himself because of the power of the sun, but the speed of the Mega Heluga is OK, go first The conditions are not difficult to find, but the manipulative space itself is too easy to be blocked. Because it is very dependent on the sunny hand, it is very particular about the timing of the game and the ability to read first. It is a highly manipulated Pokémon.

Recommended moves: Trick/Sunny Day/Sludge Bomb/Keep + Big Character Explosion + Evil Wave + Sun Beam

It is difficult to use the characteristics of Mega Heluga in singles, because the one who can open sunny days is either a fire-type output or has a fire-type supplementary blind. It is a bit difficult to match with Mega Heluga, so singles Mega Helu Plus a lot of times, you have to open the sunny day by yourself, otherwise you will directly abandon the characteristics and go directly to the trick to strengthen. In turn, because the doubles are easier to cooperate with the sunny hand, so the Mega Heluga is a lot more comfortable. ,, but because the opponent also has two shots in a round in doubles, Mega Heluga is actually very easy to be beaten in doubles, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

So, it’s not that Mega Heluga doesn’t have a high outbreak, but there are certain restrictions. If it can cooperate with the extreme giant at the same time, it will be quite amazing.