“Pokémon”, has the Mega Electric Dragon, which was born for slow speed, become the strongest space output player?

In the Mega Pokémon introduced by Xiao Er, most of the output players need speed to support them. Even if their speed is not good, they need to rely on strengthening methods to increase their speed to find better first-hand output opportunities. For example, Mega Tyrannosaurus, then, is there any low-speed Mega evolution? Of course there is. That is the electric dragon we are going to introduce in this article. The Mega electric dragon is considered to be a slightly slow output in the Mega. So, does this mean that the Mega electric dragon can be used in the space environment. Well done to play it? What is the main battle positioning of Mega Electric Dragon? Let’s take a look.

Mega Electric Dragon: Attributes (Electricity/Dragon), Characteristics (Extraordinary). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

The price of high special attack.

To be honest, the Mega Electric Dragon is a Mega that is difficult to use comprehensively. The advantage of its existence is that it has reached a basic special attack of 165. This special attack is still very impressive in terms of continuous counterattack, but because the electricity system and the dragon system are this There are blind spots in the combination of attributes. For example, they can’t make a good breakthrough in the ground system and the steel system. It happens that there are many durable shields in these two attributes. The special steel shield may make the Mega Electric Dragon very good. It’s uncomfortable, but on the other hand, the comprehensive resistance of the Mega Electric Dragon is not bad. Although it has weaknesses, it has many resistances. It is still necessary to add a dragon system.

Another feature of the low-speed Mega Electric Dragon is that its speed is only 46, so the Mega Electric Dragon is indeed suitable for output in the space system, but the speed of 46 still has competition in the space, so it still depends on the Mega Electric Dragon. The timing of playing and the cooperation with the space hand, because space is easier to achieve in doubles, so the Mega Electric Dragon is more suitable for the doubles stage, and the unusual characteristics are very blank. It really doesn’t make much sense to give it to the electric dragon. Well, to sum up, the shortcomings of the Mega electric dragon may be due to various reasons.

Recommended moves: 100,000 Volts/Thunder + Dragon’s Wave + True Qi Bomb + Volt Replacement/High Speed ​​Movement

The Mega Electric Dragon in the singles may go through the speed-up flow of high-speed movement, but the high-speed movement only increases the speed, and because the basic speed of the Mega Electric Dragon is low, it still cannot be regarded as a high-speed after being strengthened once. The most ideal state of Mega Electric Dragon is to directly take four attacks to output, but there are too few blind spots that can be learned. If you don’t count the awakening power, it seems that there is only one infuriating bomb that can be used, so the fourth move is also It can be replaced by a volt to increase flexibility, and even in doubles, you can simply use hold to increase the fault tolerance rate, alas, it is an extremely poor move.

Well, the above is Xiao Er’s personal supplement to Mega Electric Dragon. Mega Electric Dragon is actually not very friendly to new players. After all, if you want to use it well, you must have a good sense.,,