“Pokémon” has suffered repeated defeats, and Hepp, who doubts his life, is the true portrayal of many players?

In the game, the player will always play the role that has been victorious all the way, so all the rivals of the past dynasties, almost without exception, are faced with the situation of being defeated by the player, and if it is to be the best in shaping, in fact, Xiao Er feels that It should be Hepu of the eighth generation. After being defeated by players many times, Hepu once had an emo stage, and even doubted himself and his Pokémon until later. This role is closer to reality, and I believe it is a portrayal of many people’s lives. So, is Hepp’s strength really that bad? Let’s take a look.

PS: The ranking is in no order; this article may not have much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 woolly horn sheep

In fact, the woolly horned sheep is like Hepp’s Pokémon. In “Wings of Dawn”, there is also a special episode that focuses on the relationship between Hepp and the woolly horned sheep. In the game, Hepp once doubted the strength of the woolly horned sheep. However, he removed it from the team, and then added the woolly horned sheep to the team after facing him squarely. This also named the theme of the “Pokémon” game. A companion who accompanies oneself cannot be measured by strength or weakness. In the palace gate arena, his Mao Mao horn sheep combination moves are cotton defense + head hammer + sacrifice charge + double kick.

NO.2 Thunder King Kong Gorilla, Flaming Ace, Thousand Faces Avoidance

According to the different Yu Sanjia selected by the protagonist, Hep will also choose the corresponding Yu Sanjia. This is the common point of almost all the rivals who choose Yusan with the protagonist at the beginning. In the multiplayer battle in the Gongmen Arena , Hep’s Yusanjia will be super-giant, but in the singles of the Gongmen Arena, it will not. The Thunder King Kong orangutan is a drum attack + 100,000 horsepower + beat + shoot down, the flash ace The combo is Fire Ball + Iron Head + Garbage Shooting + Bottom Kick, and the Thousand Faces Avoidance combo is Sniper + Raid + Frozen Beam + Evil Wave.

NO.3 Cangxiang, Zangmarant

And as the player conquers the first-level god in the game plot, Hep, who is a strong enemy, will take another one. If the player chooses the “Sword” version, then Hep will get Zangmarant, and the matching move is in Gongmen Arena is Giant Beast Bullet + Crushing + Iron Wall + Playful, and it will carry the item Unyielding Shield. If the player chooses the “Shield” version, then Hep will get a bang, and the matching move is Giant Beast Slash + Crush + Sword Dance + Close Combat, will carry the item Indomitable Sword. Overall, these two will only be the most difficult in Hep’s team.

NO.4 Steel Armor Crow

Under certain circumstances, the Steel Armored Crow may become a key trump card in Hepp’s team. For example, in the singles match at the Gongmen Arena, the Steel Armored Crow will be super-giant in Hepp’s team. If you look at it, the Steel Armor Crow can also be regarded as the representative Pokémon of Hep. As a Steel Fly with good attributes, the Steel Armor Crow is still very good. As a Pokémon used by a strong enemy, it is not wronged at all. The matching moves are pecking drill + light wall + steel wing + bluff, um, it is a pity that there is no more classic punching method.

Well, the above is the Pokémon used by Hepp that Xiaoer will introduce this time. In addition, Hep will also use Pokemon such as Kabimon and Sea Urchin. Xiaoer will not do them one by one. Introducing it.