“Pokémon” Gonzo: Shaka’s two-axe dragon, a natural bird that can fly!

Hello friends, this article is still about Gonzo. This time, I will mention some interesting facts about the city of Hualan City, the character of Xiaka, and the ending song of the cartoon. , and will also mention some Pokémon-related details as usual, so let’s take a look at what’s in it.

PS: This article may not have too much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Props that still exist

Regarding Hualan City, the Kandu city, its design may refer to Saitama City; the unofficial commonly used translation name is Nada City; in “Gold/Silver/Crystal Edition”, a cram school student with a treasure detector suggested that he was in China There is a prop outside the blue cave. Even after the protagonist has taken the prop, he still says that his prop detector is responding (the picture above shows the Hualan City in the animation).

NO.2 Shaka’s Double Axe Dragon

Xia Ka is a character who appears in both games and animations. He is the master of the Pokémon Gym in Shuanglong City. He is proficient in dragon attributes and in charge of legendary badges. The common unofficial translation of Xia Ka is Xia Jia, in “Black” The Double Axe Dragon used in the game has not reached the evolution level. Under normal circumstances, the Double Axe Dragon should be at least level 48, but his Double Axe Dragon is level 43.

NO.3 Tomorrow must be

Regarding the ending theme of the main series of animation diamonds/pearls, “Tomorrow Certainly”, if you look at the title now, it has a certain humor, which is somewhat similar to the current hot stalk “Next time.”

NO.4 Natural bird that can fly

Regarding the Pokémon of the natural bird, its unofficial common translation is called the prophecy bird. Before the sixth generation, the natural bird was standing in battle; in the sixth generation, the natural bird was flying in the battle, completely off the ground. It can therefore also participate in aerial battles.

NO.5 Mysterious Pokémon

The same is about the Pokémon of the natural bird. It belongs to the “mysterious Pokémon” like the desert dragonfly. The Japanese names of the natural bird and the natural bird are taken from the English “native”, and “native” has “indigenous, indigenous” and “Natural and natural” have two meanings, but according to the shape and design concept of the Native American totem poles of natural birds and natural finches, their names should be taken from the meaning of “native, native” rather than “artificial”. The relative “natural” meaning of “native” or “acquired”.

Well, the above are the five Gonzo stories to be introduced in this article. See you in the next Gonzo story!