“Pokémon” Gonzo: Homiga’s Wheel Ball, Pokeby in Sleep!

Hello friends, this article is still about Gonzo. This time, I will talk about the city of Changqing, the character of Homiga, and the ending song of the cartoon. Interesting, I will also mention some Pokémon-related details as usual, so let’s take a look at what each has.

PS: This article may not have too much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 Details of Evergreen City

Regarding the city of Evergreen, there is an English song in the animation’s first game, suggesting that this city is the location of the last gym; in the data of “Ruby/Sapphire”, you can find the music of this city’s different remix rhythm from “Fire Red/Leaf Green” , but the music cannot be heard in normal game.

NO.2 Homiga’s wheel ball

Homiga is a character that appears in both games and animations. He is the gym owner of the Liyong Gym in the Hezhong area. He first appeared in “Black 2/White 2”. He is proficient in poison-type Pokémon and is in charge of poison. Badge; in the game, the wheel ball used by Homiga has not reached the evolution level. Under normal circumstances, the wheel ball should be at least level 22, but her wheel ball is level 18; in addition, Homiga is the first to appear before the game is released. The gym owner who appeared first in the animation.

NO.3 Xiaoguang’s theme song

About the ending song of the main series animation Diamond/Pearl “Beside you~Xiaoguang’s theme song~”, this is Xiaoguang’s theme song, in some episodes of the TV broadcast ending song animation, the production staff subtitles For the first time, the layout of , has changed from the previous fixed position to vertical scrolling.

NO.4 Balloon Pokémon

Regarding the Pokémon of Baby Ding, Bao Ding’s family, Thousand Needle Fish and Flutter Ball are classified as Balloon Pokémon; the original first draft of Baby Ding did not have hair on the top of his head.

NO.5 Sleeping Porkby

Regarding the Pokémon, Porkby’s unofficial and common translation names are thorny egg and thorn egg; in the animation, the bulge on Porkby’s head will fold back into an egg shape when he sleeps. , but in Pokemon, Pokeby doesn’t shrink into an egg shape.

Well, the above are the five anecdotes that Xiao Er will introduce this time. See you in the next anecdote.