“Pokémon” Gonzo: A city that can conquer mythical beasts, the difference between Pokkigu!

Hello friends, this article is still about Gonzo. This time, I will talk about some interesting facts about the city of Dark Grey Market, the character of Xiziyi, and the ending song of the cartoon. , and will also mention some Pokémon-related details as usual, so let’s take a look at what’s in it.

PS: This article may not have too much rigor. If there is any error, please correct me.

NO.1 The dark gray market that can conquer the beasts

Regarding the city of Dark Grey, Dark Grey is the first city where legendary Pokémon can be captured. In HeartGold/SoulSilver, if the protagonist carries a mysterious crystal, Lattias or Latios will appear in front of the Science Museum; in addition, the dark gray city seems to be based on the real-world Maebashi city for the prototype.

NO.2 Xiziyi’s dialect

Xi Ziyi is a character that appears in both games and animations. He is the gym owner of Qinghai Wave Gym in Qinghai Bo City, Hezhong area. He first appeared in “Black 2/White 2”. Badge; Xiziyi’s common unofficial common translation name is water onion, Xiziyi speaks the dialect of Kagoshima Prefecture.

NO.3 wind information

Regarding the ending song “Information of the Wind” of the main series animation Diamond/Pearl, this song has undergone many screen changes, and gradually added Xiaozhi’s scorpion and Xiaoguang’s little boar to the picture. After that, Xiaozhi’s Scorpio evolved, so the Scorpio of the raccoon was changed to Scorpio King.

NO.4 The pattern of Pokekigu

Regarding the Pokémon of Pokokigu, in “Gold/Silver”, the color of Pokokigu’s skin continued the yellow of Pokobi, and it was changed to white from “Crystal Edition”, but the skin of different colors remained. the previous yellow. In the new version of the game, the yellow color of the different-colored Pokékigu and Pokkisi’s body is getting lighter and lighter, and it is very difficult to distinguish with the naked eye in the sixth generation. For Pokkigu, only the pattern on the stomach is an easier way to judge, The light yellow is more evident in the rear view than in the front view. In addition, in “Sword/Shield”, the sound produced by Pokémon when it is active is refined, so under certain circumstances, the sound of Pokékigu’s wings flapping when flying is heard.

NO.5 The name of the natural bird

Regarding the Pokémon of the natural bird, the Japanese names of the natural bird and the natural bird are both taken from the English “native”, and “native” has the dual meanings of “indigenous, indigenous” and “natural, natural”, but according to the natural bird In view of the shape and design concept of Native American totem poles from natural finches, their names should be taken from the meaning of “native, native” rather than “natural” as opposed to “artificial” or “acquired”.

Well, the above are the five anecdotes that Xiao Er will introduce this time. See you in the next anecdote.