“Pokémon” fires two generations of poison shields, and singles against super powerful super bad stars!

Now if we want to talk about the most popular shield in the battle, then the super bad star is definitely one of them, because the super bad star has been one of the best candidates in the shield for two consecutive generations, whether it is in singles or doubles. It has its own status. Of course, in the singles, the super bad star is even more powerful, and it can even be said to be disgusting to the point of becoming a tumor. Then, why can the super bad star be as popular as the flaming roaring tiger for two generations. , what advantages it mainly relies on in the battle, and what the specific usage is in the battle, let us take a look at it together.

Super Bad Star: Attributes (Poison/Water), Traits (Injustice/Softness/Regeneration). [This article is purely personal opinion, if there is any error, please correct me]

In terms of characteristics, Super Bad Star wins.

The usefulness of the super bad star in the battle is actually very easy to predict. Although the HP base is not high, the double defense is above 140. This kind of numerical distribution is a bit like a pot, but it is not like The pot is so extreme, so the flexibility of the super bad star in the battle is naturally higher, and the attribute is not the worm rock like the pot, but the poisonous water, the resistance of this attribute is very good, the eight resistance There are three weaknesses in sex, the difference is really obvious, so in the case of high durability and good resistance, the super bad star itself has a relatively good basis for attacking, other than that it is a characteristic help.

Although the super bad star has the special characteristic of being unkind and unjust, in fact, the most suitable for the super bad star is the regenerative power. This characteristic is very incredible. In singles, it can completely help the super bad star to do long-term transfer and joint defense. , This is also the main point that the super bad star is easy to use in singles. The super bad star output is not high, but in turn, there is no lack of ways to consume opponents, and there is also a means of battery life, so a shield should actually meet the needs of use. The conditions are very simple, as long as there are means of battery life and means of consumption, the regeneration force is completely the icing on the cake, making the super bad star even more disgusting in the defense.

Recommended moves: highly poisonous + hot water + self-regeneration + bunker

In Xiao Er’s opinion, this set of tricks is actually a classic panacea trick. It has the most basic means of consumption such as highly toxic. In addition to consumption, hot water can also be used for concave burns, self-regeneration and battery life. The enhanced version defends the bunker. Basically, the super bad star is easy to disgust some specific output players. Of course, in fact, the super bad star can also consider the poison book instead of the water book. It depends on the configuration requirements of the team itself. It is difficult for bad stars to face some steel-type players, but in turn, there are very few high-explosive steel-type output players, so the battle of super bad stars has always been a headache. Self-regeneration and regeneration are sometimes really incomprehensible. .

It is conceivable that if the environment does not change much in the later generations, then the super bad stars will still continue to fire, and they are already the most successful ones in the shield.