“Pokémon Adventure” starts the Halloween surprise adventure, and the charm of rare ghost-type partners appears!

Halloween is coming, are the explorers ready for the trick-or-treating operation of their Pokémon partners? The “Pokémon Adventure” jointly developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc. Throw a Halloween party with a mysterious surprise. During the festival, there will also be super rare exotic-colored ghost-type Pokémon charms. Zoroja, Mystery Hill, Ghosts, Meng Yao, Candlelight, and Pumpkin Spirit will all appear, inviting explorers to experience the weird and spooky festive atmosphere!

【It’s hard to tell the difference between true and false? Zoroya staged an exclusive prank! 】

Zoraya, who has the ability to transform into a human and other Pokémon, is going to show his skills on Halloween! Be careful that it transforms into an unexpected object to tease you~ It can only be said that Zoraya, who has a cute appearance, is playing tricks It also has its own unique talents!

The original Zoroya body was gray and black, and some of the protruding hair was like a dark red flame, very handsome. This time, the hair of the heterochromatic Zoroja is more like the blue ghost fire, which is more festive. After evolving into Zoroark, the hair has turned into a flirtatious and gorgeous dark purple. Does this sassy and cool image make the eyes of explorers shine?

【Cute and responsible, Mystery Hill turns into a Halloween ghost!】

Mystery Qiu can use his ability to make the outline of eyes and mouth appear on ordinary cloth, so as to pretend to be similar to Pikachu, and the real body under the cloth is still unknown. Such a little ghost dress is inexplicably suitable for Halloween! Heterochromatic Mystery Mound seems to have come back with ashes in some corner, and it is also a cute and responsible presence in the festival~

Mystery Hill is said to be a stable Pokémon, and his habit of using rags to hide his scary appearance is also to prevent explorers and other Pokémon from avoiding him. Such a Pokémon partner who is afraid of loneliness and has a “little angel” in his heart is really endearing. When the time comes, explorers remember to pull it to the Halloween party!

[The Troubled Alliance, Guisi brings a fright gift! 】

Ghosts, Ghoststones, and Gengars, who are familiar to explorers, form the “Trick-or-Treaters Alliance” and will have an unforgettable scary game on Halloween. Ghosts was going to sneak into the ruins with a thin gas-like body, emitting an indistinct light. Ghost Stone, on the other hand, likes to hide in the dark, reaching out and slapping people on the shoulders with gas-like hands. If on a full moon night, the shadow suddenly starts to move with a smile on its own, then Gengar must be playing tricks on you!

It is believed that with their senior and frightening experience, explorers will have a very exciting Halloween this year. After becoming a partner with Guisi, the future adventure life will no longer be monotonous~

[Prank warning, Meng Yao is playing tricks online!]

As the number one mischievous person on Fang Kele Island, Meng Yao likes the way the explorer is frightened. Usually, he will suddenly appear in the middle of the night and cry to tease people. Now it is Halloween. A good prank awaits the explorer!

It is the meaning of life to scare people, and the practice of scaring does not end in a day. Explorers should be mentally prepared to harvest the “festive surprise” prepared by the dream monster~ This time, the different-colored dream monster will also make a surprise appearance, which is different from the original ink. Green, fresh green can be described as full of personality! If the explorer likes this kind of dream demon, remember to meet it~

【A must-have partner for festivals, pumpkins are perfect for Halloween!】

How come there are so few standard jack-o-lanterns on Halloween? Pumpkin spirits and pumpkin monsters have become iconic partners in Fong Kele Island Halloween with their unique pumpkin shapes! Control the people and Pokémon who see it, and can put the soul into your body and set off to another world.

This time, there are also different-colored pumpkin spirits and pumpkin monsters waiting for the explorers to meet. Maybe with their help, we can start a strange journey to another world!

[The atmosphere group is online, and the candlelight is coming quietly!]

In order to let the explorers immerse themselves in the festival, the candle light spirits also appeared together this time to light up the faint lights for Halloween. It has to be said that the purple flame above the candlelight spirit is quite mysterious. There is also a strange story circulating on Fangkele Island. It is said that the more vitality the candlelight spirit absorbs, the more prosperous and strange the candlelight above its head will burn…

The atmosphere has been set up here. Under the leadership of Candlelight, let’s unlock the joy of Halloween at close range! Different colored candlelights, ghost lights and crystal lights are also unique, and daring explorers can be friends with them. Pokémon partners have their own supernatural legends~

All kinds of surprises for Halloween are ready. Explorers remember to go to this holiday appointment and create unforgettable memories with ghost-type Pokémon partners!

About Pokémon Adventure

“Pokémon Adventure”, formerly known as “Pokémon Quest” in English, is a Nintendo Switch and mobile platform game published by The Pokémon Company. Players love it, and the current national server version is jointly developed by NetEase, The Pokémon Company, and GAME FREAK inc.