POET launches new product for hyperscale data centers

On October 27, 2022, POET Technologies announced that it will use a direct modulated laser (DML) with an integrated driver in the company’s transmit optical engine and a high-speed laser in the receive optical engine. Photodiodes and integrated transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs) for low power, cost-effective and highly scalable 800G and 1.6T pluggable transceivers for hyperscale data centers.

POET Technologies’ alliance with the market’s leading laser designers and manufacturers makes the company’s optical engine the industry’s first to enable direct modulation of lasers at these data rates. The company will use the breakthrough directly modulated laser for the modulator-free design of its 400G transmit engine. Its small size and chip-on-board design will allow 800G and 1.6T designs to easily fit into the industry standard 1.6T OSFP-XD form factor. Directly modulated lasers are technologically advanced and perform well in enabling high-capacity transceiver deployments in hyperscale data centers.

Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, Chairman and CEO of the company, said: “Our company’s optical engine is a unique photonic chip that provides a scalable and elegant solution for module design that integrates pluggable transceivers in data The use in the center expands to 1.6T and even 3.2T. We will create more value for optical engines, improve transceiver module performance, reduce power consumption and cost, and provide data center customers with unparalleled flexibility services.” (Proof / Zhang Hao)