Please, stop playing “Journey to the West”!

In the past two days, an American TV series called “Journey to the West ABC” received rave reviews as soon as it was released. It only got a low score of 5.5 so far. Xiao 8 visually estimates that this score will continue to drop, because no one really can bear it.

I thought it was a small workshop online drama that Americans are proud of, but after seeing such a strong lineup, and seeing this drama is so outrageous, people can’t help but want to shout: Wu Yanzu, Michelle Yeoh, what are you doing?

“National male god” Wu Yanzu plays Monkey King and actually has a rebellious son. He can easily play with the golden hoop and steal it to the world. I’m sorry, but I want to ask the great sage, who is the child’s mother? ?

It took Sun Wukong three years to find the son who was transformed into an American high school student. This efficiency is really a bit low. At this time, he couldn’t bear to teach his son a lesson, and the two started fighting immediately. Just as Monkey King subdued his son, he helped her coolly!

The moment actress Michelle Yeoh appeared on the stage, people couldn’t hold back anymore. The camera specially pushed a close-up, and the Guanyin Bodhisattva she played was walking forward, with a pair of platform sandals on her feet. Are gods also so fashionable?

Looking at Michelle Yeoh’s appearance, it is also very cheap, wearing curtains, and hanging a pendant of 50 cents at the entrance of the elementary school. I don’t know if it is really poor or too perfunctory.

Guanyin Bodhisattva has more than this outfit. She also has casual modern clothes. I saw Michelle Yeoh wearing a peaked cap and baseball uniform. She made a trick and stretched out eight hands behind her back. We are talking about thousands of modern clothes. Hand Avalokitesvara is really infiltrating.

Other gods fight each other by casting spells. The fights in this play are direct hand-to-hand combat. Guanyin and the Bull Demon King wrestled together, unarmed. Those who didn’t know it thought they were ordinary mortals.

The hard-working bearded monk turned into a sexy female agent, and Ji Gong appeared in it. Come on, this doesn’t seem to belong to the same circle.

The Queen Mother’s Pantao Club can only say that the inclusiveness is really strong. The guards in armor and the fairies in suspenders appear in the same picture at the same time, and the fairy-like background is a bit outrageous.

In fact, as the audience said, this drama just uses the shell of Chinese culture, and the essence is still about the story of American high school students saving the world.

But the adaptation is really not random. Too many dramas use the IP of “Journey to the West”.

Japanese version: Gender subversion is too weird, Tang Seng’s kiss can cure diseases

We can see such a classic “Journey to the West” in the 86 edition, which has a lot to do with “Journey to the West” shot in Japan in 1978. At that time, the director Yang Jie saw the Japanese version, and immediately became very angry. Seeing that they ruined the classics, he wanted to justify the name of the famous Chinese novel in a rage.

The Japanese version of “Journey to the West”, which angered Yang Jie, was also boycotted by the public at the time, and it was urgently stopped on CCTV after only a few broadcasts.

The gender of the characters in this show simply subverts our traditional cognition. The actress Natsume Masako, who is known as the Japanese national lover, plays Tang Seng in reverse. Looking at her delicate skin and tender meat appearance, you know that Tang Seng meat tastes good.

The dignified Guanyin Bodhisattva in our impression has become a rough man with five big and three rough, and the Tathagata who usually exudes the light of Buddha has become the “goddess of the public”.

Even King Jinjiao and King Yinjiao have changed from two brothers to a couple, and Jade Emperor and Chang’e have also become a pair of lovers. This span is really a bit big.

Perhaps because Tang Seng is played by an actress, this drama also created a sticky ambiguity between Tang Seng and Monkey King, so there was such an outrageous plot that Tang Seng’s kiss can cure diseases.

Sun Wukong was blinded by the yellow wind sprayed by the yellow wind monster. At this time, Tang Seng had a great effect. He buried his head in licking Sun Wukong’s eyes, and instantly restored his eyesight. This is simply a miracle doctor.

Australian version: Wukong kissed the female Sanzang passionately, and plucked her armpit hair as a gift

Although the Japanese version of “Journey to the West” was boycotted in China, it was unexpectedly popular in Japan, and Japan even filmed four “Journey to the West” in succession, all of which were played by actresses as Tang Seng. It is because the popularity has spread abroad, and Australia’s “Legend of the Monkey King” has been influenced by the Japanese version.

At the beginning of the story, the master asked Sanzang to take the golden hoop, find the monkey king, and go to the west to learn scriptures. But I didn’t expect that the male Sanzang had been on the stage for less than five minutes, and the villain would let him quickly receive the lunch box as soon as he made a move.

It turns out that the real Sanzang is a girl who was lucky enough to hide. She cut her hair short, took the golden hoop with a broom while the villain was drunk, and brought it to the Monkey King who was under the mountain.

As soon as our monkey king appeared on the stage, there was a big commotion, and the smog created a very powerful appearance for people. In the end, his strength looked like that without the golden cudgel.

At this time, Nu Sanzang finally remembered Sun Wukong’s shortcomings, and gave the Monkey King the golden cudgel entrusted to her by the master. The Monkey King, who was overjoyed, directly hugged his neck like a domineering boss and gave her a passionate kiss.

Wukong, whose strength has been greatly increased, fights with the villains like playing house, you fight over, I fight over, just like playing a fruit-slicing game.

The Monkey King and Nv Sanzang, who beat the villain away, confessed their identities to each other, and gave Nv Sanzang a gift as a meeting gift. No one could have imagined that this gift turned out to be a piece of his own armpit hair, and so did the Nv Sanzang who received this gift. Confused.

The Zhu Bajie in it is a fat man with a beard full of Indian curry flavor, and he also has a lover who doesn’t look easy to mess with, while Drifting has become a woman with blown hair. The four of them are together again. A thunderous story.

Vietnam version: the plot is crowned and worn, simple and worn out

The theme song and background music of the Vietnamese version of “Journey to the West” all follow the Chinese 86 version. At first glance, the shape is also similar. It makes people think that this may be taken seriously, but Vietnam just made it into a film. Made a comedy.

We all know that “Three Dozens of Bone Demons” is a classic plot in “Journey to the West”, but we never thought that the Bone Demon in the Vietnamese version of “Journey to the West” is not a bone spirit, but the Drifting Monk who should be an apprentice of the Tang monk. The beard on the forehead also makes people want to laugh.

I saw him turning into a village girl, an old lady, and an old man just to confuse Tang Seng. When Wukong subdued him and asked where his master was, he said he was eaten by himself, but Tang Seng came out with stinky tofu.

The goblin in the play seems to be specially made to be funny. The bright hair of the puppy is eye-catching, and its boss is even more funny. It is a Shar Pei wearing a hood. Good guy, is it so sloppy?

Brother Monkey, as the most powerful person in the group, was one step ahead of others, and even put on a big gold watch ahead of time. I really don’t know how this passed the trial.

Korean version: Stealing culture is prevalent, and the technology shell is outrageous inside

As for the South Korean adaptation of “Journey to the West”, the most popular in recent years is “Journey to the West”, but before that, Koreans have already started on “Journey to the West”. The movie “Journey to the West” only got a score of 2.3. It was just scolding.

At the beginning of the movie, there is a confrontation and fight between the “Four Evil Men”, the Bone Demon King, the Bull Demon King, the King of the Golden Horn, and the King of the Silver Horn, and Tang Seng’s master and apprentice.

As soon as the camera turned, we came to the modern society. As soon as the excavator was digging, the Tianfu Sutra that Tang Seng took was dug out by the Koreans. Not to mention that there is no such thing as the Tianfu Sutra in the scriptures that Tang Seng originally took, just talk about news reports, is it too shameless to regard it as a Korean classic?

Then this batch of unearthed cultural relics actually contained the bones of Tang monks and apprentices, and the Koreans also conducted DNA tests on them. It is impossible to go to the territory of South Korea to learn Buddhist scriptures from the West. They also concluded that Tang Seng came from 1800-2000 years ago. It was the Han Dynasty at that time, and Tang Seng’s ancestors did not know where they were.

Because the people who sneaked into the museum accidentally opened the gourd, and the “Four Evil Men” came back to life, the scientists randomly selected four children and implanted the genes of the Tang monk and his apprentices, and they transformed into adults.

What’s outrageous is that, as the Bull Demon King, he wants the comet to destroy the earth, and the comet is amazing, not only can he hear his call, but he can even speak.

In the end, of course, justice prevailed over evil. The vicious Bull Demon King was “sprayed” to death by Tang Seng’s spell, and the comet exploded immediately.

China Raymond Edition: Sun Wukong becomes a fan of millions and falls in love with the Three Virgins

Originally speaking, foreigners filmed “Journey to the West” in a variety of strange ways, and it can be explained by a cultural difference. But I didn’t expect that in recent years, the country has also extended its claws to it, and its respective spin-off dramas have continued. Let alone the “Ling Yunzhi” starring Lin Feng released last month.

Although it has been delayed for a while, the scolding in the comments has already demonstrated its reputation to the fullest. Everyone said that it has been suppressed for 6 years, or it should continue to be suppressed.

The special effects sets of this show are almost fake at first glance, and the warships, armor, and costumes all reveal a sense of cheapness.

These are nothing, the monkey played by Lin Feng is a heartthrob, everyone likes him, the canary played by Jiang Yiyi is very sticky with him, and this monkey is still hugging him lewdly.

And Feng Ling, another reincarnated beauty, never forgets him. I really don’t know what magical power this monkey has.

Of course, he still has his own official partner, Sun Wukong and San Shengmu actually talked about love, I really don’t know what to do with Chen Xiang?

The reason why a classic is a classic is because it has value and charm that transcend time, so we should respect and maintain a heart of awe, don’t spoil our own culture, but also pass on our true culture to the world.