Players make their own 24 solar terms grass gods. From the original gods, the game fusion culture is very important. The creative atmosphere is very important.

As an open-world game, Genshin Impact can often play a magical role in improving mood because of its high degree of freedom of gameplay, rich combat system, and game plot. But in fact, apart from these, Yuanshen also has a very important part of cultural heritage. What’s easier to ignore is that in the integration of games and culture, in addition to the efforts of Yuanshen officials, Yuanshen players are also an indispensable subject. For example, recently, a Yuanshen player made a 24 solar term theme costume for the grass god in traditional Chinese colors.

The twenty-four solar terms, as one of the important contents of traditional Chinese culture, often appear in many literary works. While making clothes for the upcoming grass god, the Yuanshen player not only changed the color according to the theme of solar terms, but also referred to “Color Aesthetics in the Forbidden City”, and carefully changed the color of the clothes into a “Chinese name” , such as “Wozhe”, “lip grease”, “Zhu Kongyang” and so on. Although the RGB color in the computer system is fixed, these names with distinctive Chinese culture make the character of the grass god, who does not belong to Liyue, show a different style, and she is also called “” “Little Persimmon Grass King”, “Little Orange Grass King” and so on.

However, it is not difficult to find out if you look closely, that “cultural creativity” accounts for a large part of Erchuang, a sector that Yuanshen players are very keen on. In addition to the works of reorganization, cultural textual research and cultural popularization are all forms of expression of cultural and creative works. In this part of the second creation works, the largest number is undoubtedly the Liyue area. Whether it is Liyue’s character, map or building, almost all the cultural elements that Yuanshin has added to the game have been excavated by interested players. And Mond, Inawi and the latest Xumi also have a lot of cultural second creations.

But cultural integration is not the same as cultural export. From the point of view of integration alone, Yuanshen is undoubtedly intentional. Whether it is Zhangjiajie and other landforms added in Liyue, or the whole team going to the desert area when making Xumi content, they are all things that are intentionally done during the development and production process. Even in terms of concerts, Genshin Impact has achieved its own characteristics in different regions. For example, in the newly launched Xumi OST, many special musical instruments from the corresponding regions have been added to the concert, so that players can experience all parts of the world in the game. Different styles of cultural characteristics.

In fact, Liu Wei, the president of Mihayou, who is well known to everyone, started with the idea that “games, as a cultural and artistic product, compete with content, that is, what we often say is content is king.” It is also for this reason that in the production process of Yuanshen, the team added many subtle points in the content, and realized the true meaning of “using the game as a carrier to integrate the game and culture”.

Then again, Player Two Creation. There is no doubt that Yuanshen’s official intention is to integrate the game and culture, so what about the players? The number of Genshin Impact player groups is relatively large, and when this number of players begin to engage in secondary creations related to cultural creativity, secondary communication will form: players who do not play Genshin Impact may be attracted, and then come into contact with excellent game bodies ; There may be some Genshin Impact players who discovered the hidden cultural content in the game from the second creation, and then looked at entertainment games with a new perspective, which formed a positive feedback, so as to achieve official results. , Players pay attention to the effect of cultural exchange together.

In addition to the excellent quality of Yuanshen, people often say that Yuanshen has done a good job in overseas cultural dissemination. But in fact, if culture is to be exported, it must first be manufactured. Integrating the game and cultural elements is the first step for the official to do, and making more people aware that the game and culture are being integrated is the second step for the huge player group, but this second step is often ignored. Genshin Impact and players have formed a positive cultural creation circle. The whole is a loving and culturally focused group, which is why Genshin Impact has the current excellent game content, creation and communication atmosphere.

As time goes by, Fanfan still remembers the shock of seeing Liyue’s towering clouds for the first time, and was also moved by the fact that the Yuanshen team went to the desert to collect scenery in person. I don’t know which part of Genshin Impact you in front of the screen was moved by?