Play the “Perfect World” mobile game and get Cao Cao’s taxi ticket! Free limited return costumes

A few days ago, the “Perfect World” mobile game announced that it will join hands with “green smart travel leader” Cao Cao to travel across borders. The two parties jointly launched the “Play Perfect World and Get Cao Cao Taxi Tickets” welfare activity, prepared surprise “Cao Cao Taxi Tickets” and limited return fashion and other benefits to reward the majority of practitioners.

“Invite friends to get a puzzle” event, you can easily get taxi tickets and game props, and additionally limited return fashion “Tujia Brocade (30 days)”; “Lucky Wheel” event, various high-value discount coupons, and “Shenzhou No. 5”, etc. Rare items are easy to get! A large number of benefits are 100% free, everyone has a share, don’t miss it.

Event Date: From now until 23:59 on November 9, 2022

Participation address:

“Flying”-like travel experience! “Perfect World” mobile game × Cao Cao taxi coupons cross-border to send welfare

Cao Cao Travel, with the mission of “reinventing green shared travel with technology” and the communication concept of “green travel, common beauty”, continues to explore intelligent and low-carbon development in the field of travel. Previously, at the Titanium Media 2021T-EDGE Global Innovation Conference, Cao Cao Travel, a new energy network car-hailing company, won the “Automotive Technology Index – Best Travel Service Provider of the Year” award. Let people experience the safe travel experience of “saying Cao Cao and Cao Cao’s arrival”, which perfectly matches the smooth “flying” experience of the “Perfect World” mobile game.

The “Perfect World” mobile game leading the “big flight era”, its “flying” gameplay allows cultivators not only to cross the “Three Realms” to overlook the beauty of the world, but also to experience the chicness of “fighting gods” in the air – crossing the main city and There is no need to “read the map” on major maps, and there will be no air wall in the super-large map. The cross-border linkage of the two major brands to send benefits is bound to bring the majority of practitioners a “flying” travel experience!

Invite friends to get puzzles! Must get taxi coupons plus code to send limited fashion

During the event, cultivators can unlock various benefits by collecting all “Puzzles” on the event page. Among them, practitioners can get 1 “basic puzzle” when they enter the event page, and if they want to get more puzzles, they can unlock them by inviting friends; for every successful invitation to a friend, practitioners can get 1 “puzzle”; if successful By inviting specific users, practitioners can get an extra piece of “puzzle”, and so on, until the collection is full.

[Note] Specific users: new users or registered before September 24 and not logged in from September 25 to October 25

Among them, when practitioners successfully obtain 1, 2, 4, and 6 pieces of the puzzle, they can unlock “taxi coupons” and game items. Practitioners who collect all 6 pieces of the puzzle can also get 100% additional limited return fashion – the first intangible cultural heritage ethnic fashion fashion “Tujia Brocade (30 days)”! Tujia Brocade is a reflection of China’s multi-ethnic integration and long-standing traditional culture. For the intangible cultural heritage, the design team not only integrated its representative “red and black” colors into the new fashion, but also added details such as plain, twill, and satin that reflect the national cultural characteristics to achieve the dual effect of spirit and shape.

Lucky Wheel! Rare props and high-value taxi coupons are sent wildly

During the event, cultivators who participate in the jigsaw puzzle will have the opportunity to unlock lottery opportunities, unlock more surprise benefits of the “Lucky Wheel”, and win 100% of the prize! Cultivators get 1, 2, 4, and 6 pieces of the puzzle, and then they can open the treasure chest to receive rewards—— There are 4 types of taxi coupons including “3 yuan no-threshold taxi coupons”, 2 “20% off all-day taxi coupons”, 2 “35 yuan discounted taxi coupons”, as well as “Shenzhou No. 5”, “Dream of Love” (7 days)” and other rare items, everyone has a share!

Cao Cao’s taxi coupons, rare items, limited return fashion and other benefits are all available. The “Perfect World” mobile game and Cao Cao Travel jointly created the “Play Perfect World to get Cao Cao’s taxi coupons” welfare activity is now in full swing. Cultivators hurry up and take away the prize Bar.