Pills or to see Simmons choose to be booed is the way to go

  A basketball Spring Festival Gala ended in a one-sided fashion in Philadelphia. Before the game, many fans were optimistic that the Harpies who were in good condition would beat the recently sluggish Nets, but everyone seemed to have guessed the result correctly but not the process.

  Although this Spring Festival Gala was a situation of hanging and beating, the ones who were beaten were Harden and Embiid.

  Irving and Durant were unstoppable under the pressure of this high-end game, and they thoroughly enjoyed the competitive, high-intensity game. As Adu said before, “I can shut up Philadelphia fans with a shot.”

  It is not difficult to imagine that Duou will conquer another vote of fans after the game, and their respective positions in the basketball world will rise again. On the other hand, Harden, who had a total victory over vegetables before, lost his soul in front of his old club today as if he had met his ex. He shot hard and was blocked for layups…

  I don’t know if I was frightened by the momentum of my former teammates, or I was playing in a nightclub last night, but the fans only saw 3 out of 17 garbage.

  It is conceivable that Harden will definitely be criticized by thousands of people after the game. This is a good opportunity for him to prove that he is not a soft-footed shrimp, but he has no choice but to pull his hips in another big game to give fans new meeting materials. It’s better to turn off the phone after the game, otherwise the sunspots will probably spray him to the point of doubting his life.

  However, the Nets 76ers’ Spring Festival Gala still lacked a protagonist. Simmons, who has served in Philadelphia for many years, was originally the C position of this Spring Festival Gala, but he had no choice but to watch the game because of a “back injury” and could only enjoy Philadelphia fans on the bench. Boo to him.

  We don’t know if Simmons was really hurt because of his back or if he was afraid to face the folks who once loved him in Philadelphia, but he irrefutably chose to run away from a game where the spotlight was supposed to be on him today.

  Simmons should invite the whole team to have a good meal after the game, especially the two big brothers Duou. After all, they used a big victory to shift the focus of public opinion to Harden’s defeat and loss, so that he would not be attacked by the Internet. .

  It took Simmons a summer to go from being well-loved to being popular, while Harden went from being admired to being a softball in just one big defeat.

  In the final analysis, the winner is the king and the loser is the bully. It is still an ancient and unchanging truth of competitive sports. As long as you win, no matter how soft you are in the past, you will be regarded by the fans as a darling.

  Durant and Irving are actually the best examples that Simmons can learn from. The former Irving was not less questioned in the Cavaliers’ lottery every year than they are now, but since the last minute of G7 of the 2016 finals, he made the Cleveland belt. After coming to the championship’s quasi-lore, at the basketball level, who would dare to say that Irving is wrong?

  Adu was demoted to nothing when he “defected” Thunder, and the names “soft egg” and “little man” were directly on his face, but he won two consecutive championships + FMVP with the Warriors, and he was in the opposite position. After the victory over Emperor Zhan, everyone began to discuss whether Adu was the first.

  Booing is the only way for any star to transform. Kobe was an enemy of the whole world back then, and as many people loved him as many hated him. At that time, the number of Kehei may have been an unprecedented peak in basketball history.

  But we all know what Kobe did, he didn’t care how much criticism there was, he just conquered the league with victory after victory and finally got everyone on his side.

  Simmons said he went through the darkest moments of his life before coming to the Nets, but sometimes those setbacks are actually opportunities for greatness.

  If Simmons can turn his doubts into motivation, put away his shattered self-esteem, devote himself to the Nets’ championship process, and reward these teammates who support him with performance. Then, when the Nets continue to attack the city and win in the East, Simmons will definitely become the darling of the fans.

  Suppose Simmons makes a good start to Irving and Durant in the playoffs this year, and finally wins the championship, do you think anyone would hate him?

  But the reverse is also true. If Simmons is still such a scumbag, looking for excuses to truce and putting the team’s interests aside, the pressure of public opinion from the fans will definitely overwhelm him.

  And with his fragile and sensitive psychological quality, how can he resist the malice coming from the tsunami of the Internet?

  In the end, Simmons’ psychological defense will just automatically collapse, and he will end up in the wrong place.

  So, which of the two pills in front of Simmons should choose, it seems not difficult to choose, right?


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