Pig Xiaoyou made the next man scolded and broke the defense, and cried bitterly in the live broadcast, netizens asked for justice for him

As a national mobile game, the popularity of King of Glory is really high, and this game is also very popular among players. The main reason is that the difficulty is not high, and anyone can get started after playing a few times. Therefore, many excellent anchors have been born now, and they have also brought a lot of wonderful operations to the audience. But there are indeed very few female anchors in the game circle, because the game is still a test of talent, just like the fact that there are few female professional players. But there are also many outstanding beauty anchors, who have become popular all over the Internet with their own technology.

Among them is the pig Xiaoyou that we are very familiar with. As one of the beautiful anchors of the national costume Zhu Bajie, she can be regarded as quite outstanding. We all know that Zhu Bajie is a very frank hero and is also very suitable for female players. Therefore, in order to have a signature hero, Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou worked hard to train Zhu Bajie and finally got the national uniform. Now her proficiency in playing Zhu Bajie has reached at least 1W8, and she should be regarded as the best among beautiful anchors. Her ability is also quite outstanding, and she is considered a master player.

But in the recent live broadcast, Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou met a male player, and a lot of unpleasant things happened during the game, which also caused Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou to break the defense and cried on the spot. In fact, Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou didn’t play well because he played in the first qualifying round. In the second game, she didn’t help her teammates in time, which also caused the auxiliary Sun Bin player to be very angry, and Kai Mai started scolding people. In the early stage, he kept giving away people’s heads, but he didn’t reflect on it. He kept accusing Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou and Zhu Bajie for not playing well, and he even had to teach on the spot. It was really weird.

What’s even worse is that this Sun Bin player turned on the microphone and scolded for ten minutes in a row, which surprised many people. Pig Xiaoyou didn’t say a single swear word during the whole process, but the more she listened, the more uncomfortable she became, and she even cried. After that, netizens also began to scold the Sun Bin player, thinking that he was a bad guy. Unexpectedly, he not only did not repent, but also said that what he scolded was right, which also made people speechless. And many game anchors also came out to speak for Zhuzhu Xiaoyou, and by the way, they scolded Sun Bin for being shameless.

In fact, as long as anyone who watched this live broadcast should know, Zhu Zhu Xiaoyou’s performance in the game is remarkable, and it will not make Sun Bin players so angry. What’s more, in this game, player Sun Bin didn’t play very well by himself, and he kept spraying his teammates. The advantage of this round of qualifying was also lost in the insults. This kind of behavior is really unbearable, and it’s no wonder that everyone is talking about the next guy, what do you think?