Pig Factory’s first new tour in the second half of the year! Basketball theme, American comic style, player: After reading Xiaohi

At the beginning of September, it was reported that NetEase finally won the first edition of this year. Unexpectedly, it has only been about a month, and the protagonist behind this version number officially debuted. It seems that this game is already ready, which has also brought a lot of new game players to the game. expect. On October 27, the first exposure video of “All-Star Street Ball Party” was officially unveiled. As the first new tour of the pig factory in the second half of the year, let’s take a look at what’s special.

Judging from the first exposure of the real machine recorded PV, the style and theme of “All-Star Street Ball Party” are eye-catching. At present, there are not many American comic-style games in China, and there are even a few well-made games. As a well-known “animation music” company, NetEase has always played a bright role in the game’s picture quality and sound effects.

The obvious information point that can be obtained is that this new game is based on the hot-blooded street basketball. In the video, we can see the figures of many star players. People think back to one exciting game after another.

Dunk – Dunk! The cool special effects will also make people’s blood boil. It is worth mentioning that these star players are also constantly changing their clothes, and they are properly fashionable. Because of the superiority of body and height, basketball stars also have their own style in their usual clothes. In the game, it is estimated that there will be many players wearing the same style, immersingly experience the daily life of the stars~

Of course, the dressing style is not limited to cool fashion styles, but also some more fun and interesting pajamas and swimwear. In short, the clothing styles in the game are very versatile, and players can match them among hundreds of items.

Stephen Curry’s overall shape is also very suitable for the character ~ In the victory stage interface, the blur behind it is also very typical and beautiful comic style, very novel. The colors in the game are gorgeous and colorful, and the shapes are bold and avant-garde. This is really 2022, and it is a new experience that breaks through the tradition!

After watching the first exposure video, players also expressed a little hi! There is a high probability that it will be a hot-blooded sports game. At the same time, players can also control familiar star players. There are also a lot of clothing styles to choose from. Let players be very curious, what kind of experience this game will have~

The first exposure video is officially launched, and it is believed that the test of this new game will be officially launched soon. As a refreshing mobile game method, I believe that many basketball fans will be attracted. What are your thoughts on this game? Welcome to leave a comment, let’s discuss together~