Pierce: Lakers should knock down and rebuild the worst backcourt combination in the league

  On October 29, Beijing time, after the Lakers started the season 0-5, famous Paul Pierce said that the Lakers should be knocked down and rebuilt.

  The Lakers’ recent performance has been criticized. Pierce has previously said that the Lakers are very bad, worse than Kendrick Perkins’ “carry on” program.

  After a 5-game losing streak, Pierce believes that Lakers general manager Pelinka and management should tear down and rebuild.

  The Lakers lost to the Timberwolves today, and Pierce believes that their backcourt combination is the worst in the league.

  With Westbrook on the bench, their starting backcourt is Beverley and Looney Walker.

  Fans are also very unhappy with the Lakers management. They’re terrible on the perimeter, but haven’t been bolstered by trades.

  There is no doubt that the Lakers management has faced a moment of change. If no effective transactions are made, the Lakers will be worse off this season. (Angkor)

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