Peskov responds to “the doomsday clock is being set forward”: the situation is worrying and there is no sign of easing

[Global Network Reporter Qi Yue] According to TASS news agency, Kremlin spokesman Peskov said on the 25th that the “Doomsday Clock” was set forward by 10 seconds. policies, the situation shows no signs of easing.

According to the report, Peskov said that “the situation is really worrying” for the overall situation in the world, and the situation in Europe in particular. “Given the policies adopted by NATO and the U.S. government, there is no sign of any de-escalation,” he added.

In addition, Peskov concluded, “This obligates us to pay special attention, to be vigilant, to react quickly and to take appropriate measures.”

According to reports from the US National Public Radio (NPR), the British “Guardian”, and the Russian TASS news agency, a team of scientists from the US “Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists” announced at the press conference of the National Press Club in Washington on Tuesday (24th) local time. , set the “Doomsday Clock” forward by 10 seconds, and there are only 90 seconds left before “Midnight”, which symbolizes the end of the world.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the “Bulletin of Atomic Scientists” established the “Doomsday Clock” in 1947 to warn mankind and pay attention to many major issues such as the proliferation of nuclear weapons that threaten human civilization. The “Doomsday Clock” is adjusted by scientists and policy experts including Nobel Prize winners. The closer the needle is to midnight, the greater the threat to human civilization.