Peng Yuchang’s first shot in the game circle was perfect, and his debut broke a new high! PDD is so powerful!

I believe well-informed friends already know that on the evening of October 26, Peng Yuchang’s birthday party, he started his live broadcast debut, the platform he chose was Douyin live broadcast, the field he chose was the game field, and he chose The partner is the baby elephant and the big goose. In the past, netizens said that Peng Yuchang was very clever, which seems to be the case, because his first shot into the game circle was so perfect.

The data of the first show broke a new high. You must know that Peng Yuchang is not a professional anchor, he is an actor, this is just his first show in the game live broadcast circle!

As a “newcomer”, Peng Yuchang’s ability to achieve such achievements is inseparable from his choice in addition to the hard work behind it. First of all, he chose Douyin live broadcast. Although Douyin is not the strongest live broadcast platform now, its potential should not be underestimated. It makes sense that more and more newcomers choose to start their debut here.

As a result, Peng Yuchang achieved the highest number of simultaneous online users of Douyin games in history, surpassing 18W of simultaneous online users.

If Peng Yuchang can’t achieve this level by himself, it is mainly with the support and operation of the little elephant and the big goose. Little Elephant and Big Goose first did pre-promotion, and at the same time did live broadcast maintenance and let PDD join in. With the interaction of PDD, a big player in the game industry, Peng Yuchang is even more powerful.

The game that the two of them Lian Mai chose that day was not King Glory, PUBG or Peace Elite, but Eternal Calamity. It can also be seen from Peng Yuchang’s operation that he is indeed playing this game behind his back, and it is estimated that videos related to this game will be released in the future.

The audience got to know and deeply understand Peng Yuchang through PDD, so Peng Yuchang greatly increased a wave of fans, which is the drainage effect of star anchors. It can be said that PDD and the Little Elephant and the Big Goose contributed greatly to Peng Yuchang’s great success. With the support of high-quality stars and top streamers in the game circle, will this combination become the norm in the future? I think it’s very possible. The road after the little elephant and the big goose may be like this, the effect is too good!

I believe that the little friends who watched Peng Yuchang’s live broadcast have such feelings, that is, Peng Yuchang is very old-fashioned, just like a senior anchor, he is not stage fright at all. It’s also right to choose a way to show yourself in the game live broadcast. As for when Peng Yuchang will broadcast live next time, we can look forward to it, the little elephant and the big goose should continue to announce it!