Peng Yuchang’s dream linkage with PDD started the live broadcast of the first show, and directly won the most of the platform

The sky of the wind dog boy believes that many netizens have also read this youthful drama. As one of the leading actors, Peng Yuchang is also very popular among young people. It is such a super popular actor who has not only recently I came to the Douyin live broadcast room to start my first live broadcast, and also cooperated with the game’s first brother PDD to open the blackout, which directly set a record in history and brought a unique birthday party live broadcast.

It is said that as an idol star, the daily schedule is so full that it is difficult to have private time. Therefore, most netizens use their works and participating variety shows to better understand the star’s full picture. Now through live broadcasts It is very convenient for individuals, and it also shortens the distance between fans and fans. Such a strategy has also allowed many bigwigs to see that high-quality stars + top streamers have achieved the effect of 1+1 greater than 2. I believe this will also be one of the future development directions of Little Elephant and Big Goose.

As the leader of the domestic game guild, Little Elephant and Big Goose is expected to be able to collaborate with Peng Yuchang’s dream this time. At the same time, PDD, the leading big brother in the dispatching club, is also very important. PDD has personally contacted a lot. The entertainment industry boss, this time the linkage with Peng Yuchang is very calm, and the two sides live broadcast the game together forever. Although he is a big actor, Peng Yuchang’s game strength should not be underestimated. Compared with the old players, it is not too much, which makes many fans know more about Peng Yuchang. It seems that Peng Yuchang may also be an e-sports teenager in private.

In addition to the linkage in the game, Peng Yuchang also has some understanding of PDD, and gave a song to the fans of the other party, which reminded netizens of the famous death scene of PDD. Such an interesting whole life made the live broadcast room The popularity is very high, and the number of simultaneous online users exceeded 180,000 that day, which directly set the highest number of simultaneous online users in the live broadcast of Douyin game field! From this point of view, the effect brought by high-quality idols and top-notch anchors is absolutely unprecedented. This achievement is inseparable from the efforts of PDD and Peng Yuchang. At the same time, the little elephant and the big goose also contributed greatly.

It can be said that it is of strategic significance for Little Elephant and Big Goose to win such a cooperation, which makes the e-sports live broadcast gameplay more diverse. For stars, there is very little time to interact with fans so closely. Big Goose’s approach just filled this gap, and it is a win-win cooperation for each other. We also look forward to the later live broadcasts, Little Elephant Big Goose can bring in more high-quality stars to carry out cross-border live broadcast cooperation together.