Peng Yuchang’s birthday party was linked with PDD, and the song “The Lonely Brave” detonated the audience, and it sang so well

I believe that everyone is very familiar with the anchor of PDD. It can be said that he is a very famous anchor. It turned out to be a former professional player of the LPL. After retiring through his own efforts, he became a world-famous anchor. Now he is also one of the big anchors of Little Elephant and Big Goose. We all know that Little Elephant and Big Goose is also one of the largest guilds at present. Not only does it have a lot of connections, but this guild is also committed to making every streamer popular, so it’s really quite conscientious. And recently, PDD had a wonderful live broadcast with the stars representing the baby elephant, the big goose and the entertainment industry.

As a new-generation actor in the entertainment industry, Peng Yuchang is indeed quite popular and has starred in many classic masterpieces. Because of his interesting personality, he is also extremely popular in variety shows, especially with many female fans. After all, although Peng Yuchang is a bit straight, he has a handsome appearance and good acting skills. Such male stars are also the most popular at present. A type of welcome. And this time, at the birthday party, he chose to have a chat with PDD, which is not only an extreme recognition of PDD, but also recognition of the guild of Little Elephant and Big Goose.

In fact, PDD and Peng Yuchang had already interacted with each other before the two of them even played games on the microphone, and the two of them also played Eternal Calamity together in the live broadcast. We all know that the game of Eternal Calamity is very popular. Although this game is very popular, stars like Peng Yuchang are usually very busy with work and do not have so much time to play games, so he is really not familiar with games. However, Peng Yuchang is still very modest, and he also asked the question of how to operate the PDD during the game.

It is worth mentioning that in the process of playing the game, many fans came to the live broadcast room to celebrate Peng Yuchang’s birthday. After all, he is also a well-known and powerful actor. When playing games, Peng Yuchang felt inspired and began to sing a song called The Lonely Brave. At the beginning, I just hummed a few words, but PDD asked him to sing a good song. I can only say that Peng Yuchang is indeed a person in the entertainment industry. He sings very well. After listening to it, the audience even called for Peng Peng to come again. It can be said that his singing has indeed been recognized.

In general, the linkage between Peng Yuchang and PDD this time is quite successful. At least we not only heard Peng Yuchang’s singing, but PDD also showed us his technical level. It can only be said that the little elephant and the big goose are getting bigger and bigger now, and it is indeed a good idea to let the anchor and the star link up. This not only enriches the star’s business, but also makes the anchor’s live broadcast better, and allows us to see many different wonderful programs. Do you think so?