Peng Yuchang’s birthday and PDD dream are dark, the business ability of the little elephant and the big goose is too strong

Netizens who often watch live broadcasts on a daily basis must have been surprised by various linked live broadcasts. In order to create a more enthusiastic atmosphere, many anchors often invite some influential guests to help out in addition to single-person live broadcasts. A lot of famous scenes were born, but to be able to do this, you still need good resources and contacts. Now another dream linkage has attracted the attention of the majority of netizens, that is, the veteran anchor PDD and Peng Yuchang carried out Dream linkage, one of the two parties is a veteran of the live broadcast industry, and the other is a popular idol niche. The two sides can cooperate with each other in the live broadcast room, which has brought surprises to many netizens.

It is worth mentioning that this time is also very meaningful. It is Peng Yuchang’s birthday on October 26. This time he chose to spend it online with many fans through live broadcast. The move has won the favor of many netizens. The PDD who got the news also commented on Peng Yuchang’s news for the first time. If you want to play a game, Peng Yuchang was also very enthusiastically invited. The down-to-earth response method let everyone start Looking forward to what kind of sparks these two will collide together.

The two sides didn’t waste a moment of time, and immediately entered the game state. PDD has recently been mad at the country, and Peng Yuchang also has some understanding of this game, and the operation is quite good. After the live broadcast, the two of them saw each other laughing at the same time, and they both knew each other. During the interaction, there was an endless stream of funny memes, and they showed each other’s singing skills. Peng Yuchang even sang the solitary brave man. Let everyone fall into the famous death scene of PDD, which also brings many netizens closer to Peng Yuchang


As a well-known and powerful actor in the entertainment industry, Peng Yuchang has brought many excellent works on the screen, and games are rarely seen in variety shows or movies. This time, he also showed his talent for games through live broadcast. The back and forth with PDD in operation is very exciting. Such a humorous actor also blew that he almost joined JYP at that time, but he didn’t go because he found that he was not suitable for dancing.

Through the online live broadcast, many fans have also gotten to know Peng Yuchang better, and the arrival of PDD has also revealed an important information to the outside world. Now the Little Elephant and Big Goose Company is getting bigger and bigger, not only in the game circle and the Internet celebrity circle. , has reached the development of the entertainment industry. From this, it can be seen that the little elephant and the big goose have been improving and expanding their business scope and improving their business capabilities. Being able to achieve mutual achievements with such excellent young actors as Peng Yuchang has also brought many netizens. hapiness.