Peng Yuchang and PDD’s dream linkage, the popularity of the live broadcast room is as high as 180,000, and the little elephant and the big goose won!

I believe everyone knows that on October 26, Peng Yuchang and PDD had a dream linkage. On this day, many friends came to bless, and the stars of the entertainment circle also came to lively. It is worth mentioning that Peng Yuchang, a young actor, is very popular and has a lot of fans. At the same time, the linkage with PDD also verified his eloquence, which is really good, because the live broadcast has 10 points to watch, and the two of them even played the game Eternal Calamity together.

Presumably many friends are also curious, why the little elephant and the big goose let Peng Yuchang and the top streamers conduct a live broadcast. Mainly because Little Elephant and Big Goose are very far-sighted and hope to use this model of linking excellent stars and powerful anchors to gain the support of more people. In this way, it can also give the audience a different sense of experience. It turns out that this time it has also produced better results. This can be regarded as an extremely meaningful breakthrough. What’s more, because of the high popularity, when Peng Yuchang and PDD were linked, there were up to 180,000 people online in the live broadcast room, which is really exaggerated.

You must know that one is a handsome actor with thousands of female fans, and the other is a top-level anchor. This kind of cooperation has also allowed Peng Yuchang and PDD to quickly grow a wave of fans. And the reason why Eddie Peng chose such a big anchor as PDD. The main thing is to see the strength of the little elephant and the big goose. As the strongest guild at present, they have many anchors. And Peng Yuchang is usually an internet addict, and he is familiar with these anchors. It can only be said that this model is a win-win for both parties.

Of course, due to the popularity of live broadcasts in recent years, many stars in the entertainment industry have started live broadcasts. Because during the live broadcast, you can not only communicate with fans, but also play games with fans and so on. This method can not only play a role in pampering fans, but also enhance their influence. And choosing to live broadcast with the top streamers is also a way to improve yourself. This is indeed a very good way. The little elephant and the big goose also took advantage of this to create such a perfect combination, and the audience also watched it very much. happy.

One thing to say, the process of the linkage between PDD and Peng Yuchang is really interesting. In particular, PDD’s eloquence is good and he can tidy up, and Peng Yuchang is also the same. The cooperation between the two of them is even more perfect, which has been praised by many people. Now I hope that there will be more similar cooperation in the future, because in terms of the strength of the little elephant and the big goose, it is not difficult for the anchor and the star to link up. Besides, the effect of this collaboration is so good, and everyone has expressed their expectation that other stars will come. Do you think so?