PDD responds to suing RNG: Buying players has not given money and can’t chat and go through the procedure

[gearbest News] Although RNG is a traditional e-sports giant in the LPL, it has won two spring championships and two MSI world championships in the past two years, but it is very short of funds and the club is going downhill. After the global finals failed again, RNG was “liquidated” and sued by WBG Club, PDD, etc.


It was reported on October 28 that the anchor PDD recently responded to the matter during the live broadcast: “Before RNG, they did not settle the players who sold them to them. , and it’s not old lai. What do you say, you can chat if you can, and you can go through the program if you can’t.”


PDD added: “This kind of non-brand party, this kind of personal boss who does e-sports, can take care of him or take care of him, and he will consider suing if he really can’t. You look like iG no longer buys people, and they don’t buy powerful players. After playing the game, this kind of personal boss has always insisted on being a club and that kind of thing.”

Indeed, many LPL teams currently have capital blessings behind them. Such e-sports clubs formed by individual owners are not very stable in terms of funds. I am afraid that only clubs like EDG can maintain their operations for a long time.

Not long ago, it was reported that RNG will be disbanded by bidding. The more sincere investor is ByteDance, with a bid of 200 million yuan, and the team name is expected to be retained. For RNG, at least the funding problem can be solved by relying on the big tree of ByteDance.