PDD responded to the lawsuit against RNG. The balance of three years ago has not been settled yet, and many opportunities have been given

Recently, the case of PDD suing RNG has also been very noisy. He also explained this in the live broadcast. The reason is that he made a transaction with RNG three years ago, but the money has not been settled. PDD also said that he was not willing to sue. Theirs, after all, a personal club like RNG is not easy. Unlike clubs like EDG, JDG, and Taobo, which have huge backstage support, it is a bit too much to have no settlement for three years.

In addition, the live broadcast industry has shrunk seriously in the past year, and everyone understands that PDD’s lawsuit is also out of necessity, but RNG may not be able to repay at present, because now more than one PDD has a contract dispute with RNG. Previously, the former professional player of RNG MLXG cooperated with them. The clothing factories in China have all sued the RNG club. In the worst case, some people even knelt in front of the RNG club and begged for the final payment.

If the RNG team can play better in S12, they may be able to take a sip of blood and drag it out. After all, the bonuses of the S series are still relatively high, but now the club only got the top eight results, this amount of money is simply a drop in the bucket, a lot The doctor revealed that he is currently bidding, but the debt in his hands is too much and no one seems to be willing to take over.

Many bosses are probably watching the results of the S12 finals. If JDG, the only remaining seed team in China, can win the championship, then this project may still be popular in the world. Once the championship belongs to the Korean division, it will be even more difficult for the RNG club to sell. , To be honest, the “League of Legends” project has a little bit of a downward trend, at least not as popular as it was five years ago, and clubs including IG are reluctant to invest any more.

But no matter what, the money owed by RNG should at least be repaid. It is only natural to pay off the debt. However, the brand of RNG will still be there. A group of e-sports clubs, maybe they are really only one world champion away.