Payment until 4:00 pm on the 30th, Beijing Marathon runners pay the fee as soon as possible

Beijing News Sports | Reporter Chen Jiakun

The 2022 Shell Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee announced the results of the runner registration lottery yesterday, and the payment channel has been opened. As a friendly reminder, the contestants who have obtained the qualification must pay the registration fee before 16:00 on October 30, and those who fail to complete the payment within the time limit will be deemed to have given up.

The 2022 Beijing Marathon is scheduled to be held on November 6. According to the competition regulations, the number of participants in the 2022 Beijing Marathon is 30,000. In order to ensure the health of the runners and avoid being harassed by the epidemic, North Malaysia has put forward a number of requirements for the runners’ epidemic prevention before the competition. All contestants carefully read the entry instructions and strictly abide by the relevant regulations, otherwise they will not be able to participate in the competition smoothly.

1. Contestants must register for “Beijing Healthy Treasure”, and the “Beijing Healthy Treasure” health code is not abnormal. If a pop-up window appears, they will not be able to participate;

2. Contestants must complete the full-course new crown vaccination before October 20, 2022 (exclusive) and provide a valid vaccination certificate. Those who have completed the full-course new crown vaccination before April 20, 2022 (exclusive), Booster vaccinations must be completed before October 20, 2022 (exclusive);

3. Contestants must not leave Beijing within 7 days before receiving the items and within 7 days before the competition day (November 6), and do not have meals, gatherings, or going to crowded places within 7 days (collection time: 11 July 3-5; consulate location: China International Exhibition Center New Hall E3);

4. On the day of receiving the items, the Organizing Committee will measure the temperature of the contestants on the spot, and check the communication big data itinerary card, the status of the Beijing Jianjianbao health code, the completion of vaccination and the negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours (Beijing Jianjianbao display The test days are 0 or 1 day) and other information; those who pass the verification can receive the competition items normally;

5. In order to facilitate the verification of information on the competition day, the face information of the contestants will be entered on the day of receiving the items; the contestants must submit the “Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment” signed by themselves when receiving the items; the items can only be collected by themselves. , it is strictly forbidden to take the lead;

6. In order to ensure that the nucleic acid test results are updated in a timely manner, contestants are required to conduct nucleic acid tests according to the following times

Date of receipt Date and time of nucleic acid testing

November 3rd November 2nd 0:00-12:00

November 4th November 3rd 0:00-12:00

November 5th November 4th 0:00-12:00

Match date Date and time of nucleic acid test

November 6th November 5th 0:00-12:00

7. Contestants must log on the official website of the competition every day to truthfully declare their personal health status from October 30 to November 5;

8. On the day of the competition on November 6th, the organizing committee will verify the contestants’ communication big data itinerary cards, measure their body temperature, and verify the Beijing Jianjianbao health code information through face recognition (or ID card reading). Those who meet the requirements can enter the competition venue to participate in the competition;

9. Contestants must undergo epidemiological history screening within 10 days before the competition. They are not allowed to participate in the following situations:

(1) Within 10 days before the game, there are 1 or more people in the county where the local new crown virus infection is located, the county where the land border port is located, the county where the medium and high risk areas are located, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, the history of foreign travel and residence, and the history of contact with people infected with the new crown virus;

(2) Confirmed cases who have been cured and discharged or asymptomatic infected persons who have been released from centralized isolation and medical observation, and who are still in the follow-up or medical observation period;

(3) Those who are judged to be close contacts, close contacts or high-risk groups and have not been released from control;

(4) Persons who received a call from the relevant departments regarding the risk of epidemic prevention and control within 10 days before the competition, requiring them to be quarantined, home medical observation, health monitoring, or those with abnormal health codes and itinerary codes;

(5) In the following cases, the competition shall be allowed on the basis of ensuring that the risk of infection is excluded:

① Those who have clustered disease (within 7 days in close contact places such as homes, offices, etc., there are 2 or more cases of respiratory and gastrointestinal symptoms such as fever and diarrhea); ② Within 10 days before the competition, there are domestic medium and high risk areas (or new Those with a history of sojourn in a city (district, state, or league) where the local case is located); ③ the co-residents of the participants are imported goods or relevant practitioners at the port of entry, and staff at centralized isolation points;

10. Contestants will not be able to collect the competition materials or participate in the competition if the Beijing Healthbao pop-up window appears on the collection and competition day, the nucleic acid test results are abnormal, the nucleic acid test time exceeds the specified allowable range, and the communication big data itinerary card verification is abnormal. , the organizing committee will refund the registration fee in full.

Anyone who does not abide by the above epidemic prevention regulations of the event and participates in the competition by falsifying or concealing the itinerary will be disqualified from the competition once verified. If the circumstances are serious, they will be included in the list of life-long bans for the event. Those who violate the law and discipline will be held accountable by the relevant departments.

Registered runners can log in to the official website of Beijing Marathon and enter the personal center for inquiries, and mobile registered runners can open Mara Mara or the Digital Heart APP to inquire.