Participants of the Beijing Sports and Fitness Short Video Grand Prix are expected to receive multiple rewards

  China News Service, Beijing, October 28th. The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau that in order to exert the sports influence of the “Double Olympic City” and advocate the integration of sports into life, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Beijing Sports Federation jointly organized by Kuaishou. The 2022 Beijing Sports and Fitness Short Video Grand Prix with the theme of “Exercise Life, Health and Beauty” will be launched today, and entries will be openly solicited.

  It is reported that this event aims to promote Chinese sports spirit and cultivate Chinese sports culture, advocate scientific sports and healthy life, and cultivate sports market and sports consumption as the goal.

  According to the rules of the event, participants will upload short videos of sports-related experiences and insights, beautiful experiences and stories, training skills demonstrations, sports venue camp visits, sports good things sharing, sports events and other related content on the Kuaishou APP, with the hashtag #sports Living a healthy and beautiful life is regarded as participating in the competition, and you have the opportunity to win multiple rewards such as cash.

  According to reports, the event time limit is October 31-December 11, 2022. The relevant requirements of the works include: it must meet the requirements of Chinese sports culture and socialist core values, and spread the positive energy of sports; the length of the released video must be longer than 10s, the theme must be clear, it has the value of dissemination, the picture must be clear, and there is no watermark; it must be an original video work, and it is forbidden to transfer ; Works with sports venue exploration, sports good things sharing and sports events as the content should have the attributes of Beijing; multiple works cannot be reused with the same content material.

  During the period of the activity, according to the single playback volume of the short videos participating in the activity, the top 30 winners will be awarded the “Breakthrough Creation Award” and given cash rewards; at the same time, according to the total number of short videos released by a single author, the top 3 winners will be awarded the “Best Creation Award” every week. Diligent Creation Award”, and a cash reward will be given. After the weekly competition, 20 “2022 Beijing Sports and Fitness Short Video Grand Prix Explosive Creation Awards” will be selected according to the dimensions of video content, influence value, playback volume, forwarding and likes, and the top 10 will be selected. “2022 Beijing Sports and Fitness Short Video Grand Prix Diligent Creation Award” will be given cash rewards and event certificates. (Finish)