Part of the mobilization was completed, and 53,000 people volunteered to join the army! Matviyenko: Betrayal of the motherland will eventually regret

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu reported to Putin that the mobilization target of 300,000 people set by President Putin has been achieved, and 82,000 mobilized troops have been sent to Ukraine to participate in “special military operations”, of which 40,000 have entered the front line. , the remaining 218,000 people are still training at training grounds across Russia.

Shoigu said the average age of mobilized soldiers was 35. Of the 300,000 mobilized soldiers, 53,000 volunteered without receiving a summons, including 27,000 industrial and commercial workers, 13,000 civil servants and 13,000 ordinary citizens.

After listening to Defense Minister Shoigu’s report, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude to everyone who joined the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and said that the issue of allowances for the initial stage of the mobilization had been resolved, and all the weapons equipped for the mobilization had shown good.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on Russia’s statement that part of the mobilization was completed, saying that although the Russian government claimed that it had completed part of the mobilization, everyone knew that it would not be long before the Russian government started a new round of mobilization. According to the data provided by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, the loss of the Russian army in the “special military operation” is about to exceed 70,000. The losses here only refer to those killed in action, excluding missing, captured and wounded.

Some analysts believe that the Russian government’s mobilization performance was mediocre, taking one month and nine days to complete the goal of mobilizing 300,000 people. According to Defense Minister Shoigu, there are already 40,000 mobilized troops on the front line, but it seems that the Russian army has not improved its defensive posture on the battlefield. The main reason for the slow progress of the Ukrainian army at present is the weather. It affected the Ukrainian army’s dominant battlefield situational awareness, and the muddy road also reduced the Ukrainian army’s mobility.

Part of the mobilization of the Russian government has only been completed now. Undoubtedly, it is related to a large number of Russians escaping the mobilization. President Putin also acknowledged many problems in the mobilization in his previous speech and asked the Russian Ministry of Defense to solve it, but there are still a large number of Russians. People flee to other countries. Among these Russians who evaded mobilization, there were many Internet celebrities who supported “special military operations”. When they realized that they might be sent to the battlefield, they resolutely chose to run away. Obviously, they were very concerned about the Russian military’s “special military operation”. The actual performance in the “action”, especially the loss situation, is well known, not as they say: you can fool others, but once it’s your turn, you can’t fool anyone and you can’t fool yourself.

Among the celebrities who have recently left Russia, the most famous is probably Ksenia Sobchak, whose father, when he was the mayor of St. Petersburg, was kind to the current President Vladimir Putin and eventually made Putin the “St. Petersburg Gang” Although the old Sobchak is dead, his widow is still a member of the Russian Federation Council.

Ksenia Sobchak

Even so, the Chairman of the Russian Federation Council, Matviyenko, still ruthlessly criticized the escapees, including Ksenia Sobchak, claiming that these people who escaped at the time of Russia’s crisis have left, They will never go back to Russia, they will regret it one day and suffer from the “homesickness” that all Russians suffer from. Matviyenko also quotes Churchill, “Sometimes a shipwreck should be simulated so that the rats will run away”.

Most of the Russians support Matviyenko’s words, but some Russians do not agree, because as a member of the Russian Federation Council (upper house) and the State Duma (lower house), there is no need to mobilize, although there are members of the Duma. The proposal to abolish the mobilization of members of the Federal Council and the Duma was opposed by a majority.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev, one of the Ukrainian MPs killed in the war

Not all Russians will be recruited, and some wealthy Ukrainian businessmen and Rada MPs have gone to the front and even died in battle, and many more, including former President Poroshenko, are donating or recruiting for the Ukrainian army. similar supplies, but we rarely see the rich and powerful in Russia doing the same, including going to the front lines or donating various supplies to the military.

Poroshenko’s donation of supplies is no longer news, the frequency is too frequent