“Overwatch Returns” blue post: registered users do not need to bind a mobile phone number

“Overwatch Returns” was launched yesterday. Due to the implementation of the anti-cheating system, all accounts need to be bound with local mobile phone numbers when they go online, which has caused many players a problem.

Today, the official blue post was released, indicating that it has decided to adjust this: All Overwatch players who have linked a Battle.net account, including all players who have played the game after June 10, 2021, will no longer need to play the game. Provide a mobile number. The tweak is expected to go live on October 8.

In addition, the official is improving the game queuing situation, and a patch has been updated to the server, and the queue numbers will not jump around in the future. Blizzard is “in the process of adding nodes to ease the pressure on the player database,” so dequeues and inability to log in will be improved.

Regarding the problems that occurred when merging accounts, Blizzard said that part of the reason was that the console version of the game failed to appear when the game was launched.

If you encounter the problem that unlocked items are displayed as locked, the official said that it can usually be solved by re-login.