Overwatch 2, which exploded after opening the server, was the most anticipated by players, and it turned out to be a small video in the 3D area?

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I am your favorite little brother.

The launch of Blizzard’s “Overwatch” “Return” is a recent event, and the original paid game has become a free-to-play game. The younger brother also tried it for the first time. Today, let the younger brother show you how the “Return” of “Overwatch”, which Blizzard has held back for 6 years before the sequel, is like.

1. The server will be bombed when the server is opened, and there will be constant scolding in the fancy style

“Return” of “Overwatch” was launched on the 5th on the first day. The server of the international server withstood the pressure of many players and streamers. When the players started to play happily, a line of red words flashed on the screen, and the score was very good. back to before liberation.

↑The famous Warcraft brother, hooked, but not completely hooked↑

A large number of players not only dropped the connection repeatedly, but also had the problem of being unable to log in to the game. The forum of the international server exploded on the first day of the server opening. In the end, the Blizzard boss jumped out and admitted that his server was blown up by hackers, and the team was actively repairing it. The younger brother guessed that this wave was not a good thing done by a resentful friend after Blizzard was acquired by Microsoft.

The international server blew up the national server and was not idle, and there were some problems that could not be logged in.

The most outrageous thing is that the younger brother encountered the legendary restart problem on the first day of playing the national server. As long as he enters “Return” of “Overwatch”, the computer will automatically restart. Dude, where is this game? This wave of Blizzard asked the younger brother to install a brand-new restart button. With the blessing of various problems, the national server was finally shut down and maintained for 4 hours on the first day of its launch.

After avoiding the limelight for a few days, the younger brother finally entered the game. Immediately after going online, he recalled the unjust money that he had spent for Blizzard.

However, after seeing the latest skin purchase system, the younger brother instantly felt that the previous self was not at a loss.

The mechanism for upgrading and taking boxes in the “Return” of “Overwatch” no longer exists, and most skins have been changed to direct sales. The average orange peel costs 100rmb, not to mention that there are few pass systems that actually reward them as dogs. Well, Blizzard really has you.

2. New maps, new heroes, we are waiting for you in the 3D area in the wind and rain

After all, there is still some new content in the “Return” of “Overwatch” this time. First of all, everyone is most concerned about the three new heroes, of which the most popular hero must be “Mizuki”.

Kirito is the daughter of Genji and Hanzo’s swordsman master. She and Shimada Ersha have been good friends since childhood. Climbing walls is no problem. The left button can fly out a paper amulet with healing effect, and teleport to escape. Skill, the ultimate move can stack BUFFs that reduce CD, attack speed, and movement speed for teammates in front.

↑AOE skills that can make teammates instantly invincible↑

Mizuki is an excellent deputy nurse and should have a better performance in the dog lineup, but as our new wife, the younger brother is more concerned about how to see her in the 3D area faster.

↑The Great God of 3D District: I am doing it ↑

However, Blizzard put this most popular hero on the 55th level of the pass. My little brother is so numb that he can’t get up a few levels. If he reaches level 55, it will be the year of the monkey and the month of the monkey at the end of the season. How to get mist? The money is over!

↑Advanced battle orders or old players of “Watch 1” can directly unlock it↑

Let’s take a look at another new hero, Suo Jie En, the younger brother really has nothing to say when he looks at this shape, and he almost wrote “political correctness” on his face.

Although Suojian is not good-looking, but the output is not bad at all. As a long-range shooting + assassin hero, although the left button is flat A scraping, but the output of the right button is really terrible, with the built-in dash skills to cut the back row or run away It’s very easy, and it’s another big guy who is ecstatic and crying.

The third new hero, the Queen of Junkers, this eldest sister used to be an existence that destroyed the world in the internal test. The sledgehammer would have to give back three points when she saw it, but when it came to the public test, it had already been cut into a dog.

The Queen of Junkers comes with AOE shields and multiple blood-sucking skills. The big trick is that the dump truck hits people to a certain extent. It is suitable for defending points and fighting attrition. However, after the weakening, the blood-sucking ability of the Queen of Junkers is not as good as before. In front of an enemy with strong marksmanship, it can only be a charging treasure.

The “Return of Overwatch” also added six new maps, including Rio de Janeiro, Toronto’s new Queen Street, and Rome’s Colosseum, each with its own characteristics.

In Rio de Janeiro, which is full of low-slung slums, it is suitable for flexible roles such as Genji; Monte Carlo’s Royal Circuit, a wide map without bunkers, is more suitable for long-range gun positions.

3. New mode upgrade, a sequel that does not live up to its name

I have to say that when I opened the “Return” of “Overwatch” for the first time, I still had certain expectations. After reopening Battle.net, I looked at this long “death list” and instantly felt that not everyone was like my brother. Returned the same.

This “Return” of “Overwatch” provides a pre-selection mode for duties, which fundamentally prevents the whole team from playing output. Without saying a word, the younger brother chose the best output.

The “Return” of “Overwatch” has changed from 6V6 to 5V5 mode. The reduction in the number of teams makes it easier for players with outstanding personal ability to fly teammates, but it is also more difficult for players who fish in troubled waters to get along. After being at a loss, the younger brother had no choice but to push the cart in the back row honestly.

In addition to the above mechanism changes, this update also adds a new robot advancement map. My brother thinks that this gameplay is basically the same as that of a cart. It is nothing more than a change from pushing the cart while defending to pushing each other on both sides.

From the perspective of game content and gameplay, compared to the official sequel, the current “Return” of “Overwatch” is more like a version update. Not only has the game’s content and gameplay not greatly improved, but the game’s fancy krypton gold On the contrary, it has intensified. After Microsoft acquired Blizzard, it seems that Blizzard did not do anything good.

Little Brother Green: Little Brother feels that the overall performance of “Return” of “Overwatch” has not met the expectations of players for the sequel at all, but Blizzard promised that the PVE content, the main game of the game, has not yet been launched. In the future, “Return” of “Overwatch” will be possible. The craze that sparked 2016 remains to be seen.

A serious question: Which new hero do you most want to see in the 3D area?