“Overwatch 2” was officially launched, but it was free but was complained by foreigners: the account is empty and there is nothing left?

A few days ago, “Overwatch: Homecoming” finally officially launched in the long-awaited. Although the new games launched by Blizzard in recent years and the new version updates of old games have always caused players to complain, I have to say that Blizzard games are still a golden sign, and many players will always hold you and abuse me thousands of times. Play with the mentality of your first love. After the launch of “Overwatch: Homecoming”, the swarming players crowded the server for a time, which shows the attractiveness of the game, and then a series of problems with the server made people realize that Blizzard is not what it used to be.

1) The game was attacked by DDOS when it was launched, and players spent the first day waiting endlessly

“The first ever ‘loading’ game, an absolute masterpiece”

“Blizzard offers an ultra-realistic queuing simulator that really hits the nail on the head”

“Sometimes it’s like playing a reverse battle royale game where you go from 400 to 2000 people in line! Truly unique battle royale game.”

“Imagine you waited 2 hours for a roller coaster, but when you got to the front of the line, the roller coaster broke down. Overwatch today is such an immersive experience.”

“In order to emphasize the meaning of ‘Overwatch’ in the title of “Overwatch”, Blizzard specially let players watch the loading page for 4 hours. I really love it.”

“I love playing Overwatch: Homecoming mainly because it gives me time to do other things, like read a copy of Anna Karenina or War and Peace, arrange dinner, and get some sleep.”

“”Overwatch: Homecoming” first required players to have a mobile phone number with a contract plan to log in. After the players finally got it, they couldn’t play because of the DDOS attack on the first day. I have to say that this is really an accelerated rush The game of death.”

“Overwatch: Homecoming is like someone inviting you to a New Year’s Eve dinner at his house, and you’ve been driving for a week to get there.

Turns out he only served half a plate of dumplings.

Forget it, you have to do hours of manual labor just to eat the dumplings.

And he kept stressing that each dumpling is unique and worth paying for, even though it’s just an ordinary dumpling.

The scary thing is that he still plans to lie to you like this once a year. ”

2) Is it a good thing that “Overwatch: Homecoming” is free? Free is the most expensive!

“If you think Overwatch is a good thing for you to play for free, then you are wrong. In fact, free is the most expensive.

We used to be able to buy all skins and items for $60. I just have to buy the game software to have the same basic items and event rewards as everyone else.

Now that’s not possible, everything will become an in-app purchase. Even emoji packs have to be paid, and players have to buy a pass first. It is conceivable that in the future, paid legendary skins and so on will definitely be added. I dare say that in order to own all the game items, the player will have to serve over $60 worth.

Blizzard knows this, they know they can make a fortune out of Blizzard and Old Leek, and they even justify them. So don’t encourage them to do this. ”

“Blizzard’s defense: ‘You can get 60 game coins for free every week’

Considering the number of items and the cheapest junk items in the store, the perks are ridiculous. To know that a premium skin needs 1900 game coins, which requires at least 32 weeks of accumulation! ”

“Some things are rare until they are lost. In the past, players always complained that the loot boxes were given too little. Now, compared with the F2P method, the loot boxes are charitable.”

“Honestly, if Blizzard gave us some more free in-game currency, I’d still play it, but I’d still prefer more casual loot boxes.”

“The status of Overwatch: Homecoming…”

“Overwatch: Homecoming requires Battle.net Pass to unlock hero behavior, just like how EA made Battlefront 2 heroes pay.

The bad ethos of the game industry is a quick learning curve. ”

“Cold knowledge, players of Overwatch 1 who log in “Overwatch: Homecoming” will be pleasantly surprised to find that their accounts are empty, their skins are gone, characters are gone, data is gone, and everything is gone”