“Overwatch 2” overturned? The user rating is only 1.2, players: the content is not as good as the original version

Hello everyone, here is “Picture a good game” updated every Monday, I’m Zhengjing little brother! It’s time for us to look at pictures and pick games again. Without further ado, the picture above!

Overwatch: Homecoming: Can you come back that summer?

Game platform: PC/PS5/PS4/XSX

“Overwatch: Homecoming” is here, I don’t know if you have played it yet? Let’s not talk about the game in the end. There have been many things since the launch. On the first day, the player’s skin was lost, the hacker DDoS attack, and the prepaid mobile phone account was locked, etc. It can be said that the start was not smooth.

At present, the user rating of M station is only 1.2 points, and many players have scored 0 points. Players who gave negative reviews felt that the game was not too different from Overwatch. Not only the server queue time is long, but also many micro-transactions have been added, and the balance of each profession is also very poor.

So, do you think “Overwatch: Homecoming” is still the flavor you want?

Player comments:

——The updated content of the sequel has not been updated as much as a version of “Yuan Shen”.

– Nonsense, from a buyout game to a pass krypton game, the internal price of the skin is three times more expensive, can old players not give bad reviews?

——I quit the pit early, and when I came back to play 2, I felt that there was something new, but it felt like this 2 was a fraud for those who have been playing. Except for a few more heroes, there is nothing new left, and it is said that the engine is changed and I don’t feel it at all. .

——I played a few games yesterday, Nima’s T is outrageously strong, and I don’t need to choose any milk, just 3 Ts are directly opposite.

“Happy Twin Room”: My gentle big sister who loves me actually imprisoned me?

Game platform: PC

“Happy Room for Two” is an 18+ visual novel game with the theme of cohabitation. It tells the story of the male protagonist being bullied by bad classmates at school, humiliated by unscrupulous teachers, busy with his family’s livelihood, and his younger brother being implicated by himself. Suspended from school and even The family has been unable to open the pot, it can be described as a dead end. Just when the male protagonist was on the verge of collapse, he met the eldest sister “Nan” next door, whom he had known since childhood. Nan proposed to stay away from the current bad life while comforting the male protagonist, so the two chose to jump into the sea, but the male protagonist woke up and found himself lying in a room and shackled, and the person who kidnapped himself was actually Sister Nan ! This is how it all started…

Although the background and cowardly character of the male protagonist in the game have been criticized, the female protagonist’s character and story description are very deep, and the free mode after the game is cleared has a new future talk and scenes that everyone likes to see, which makes many gentleman players Highly recommend this work. However, due to the design factor of the game’s divergent ending (that is, NTR), some players have negatively commented. The development team apologized to the players in an announcement over the weekend.

Note: The game is country-locked

Player comments:

——The male protagonist who makes people feel that he deserves to be bullied, the excellent female protagonist who is willing to dedicate to the male protagonist, the three elements of Huangmao ntr classics are true, you have fully understood, and you have deceived pure love into killing (this game ntr warning is issued It was added after the sale, it was not at the beginning)

——I heard that there is an ntr ending, I just played ntr in the first ending, this kind of stupid male protagonist only deserves ntr. After playing the true ending, sorry for being stupid*.

– Well, very depressed. Sometimes I wonder what would happen if the male protagonist picked up the glass bottle and put it on the head of those two people. If you are encountering school bullying now, I hope you can face it bravely. You can fight back, but you must be more ruthless. Even young people in society are afraid of people who are more ruthless than them. Just protect yourself. The gangsters in the society are also very afraid of people who are more ruthless than them. If you want to protect yourself and study hard, this is the only way for you. If you keep being a tortoise, If you don’t study well, people don’t live well either.

“Champion of Trombone”: a music game with missing brainstem!

Game platform: PC

How many sand sculptures can a music game have? This alternative music rhythm game based on trombone playing has attracted a large number of players because of the unique trombone sound, the more inaccurate the more hilarious gameplay, and has received rave reviews on Steam, with an overall favorable rate of 97%.

My little brother also went to play, and it was cured in the first hour. My full score of obsessive-compulsive disorder since I started playing music games. Both the trombone player and the non-trombone player are silent. It’s definitely fine. It’s a pity that the pictures and texts can’t make a sound. If you are interested, you can search for the video. It’s too much.

“Champion of Trombone” is actually just a game that a couple spent years making on weekends and nights. They didn’t expect it to be so popular, causing a huge topic effect and even attracting some trombone players in real life. attention. On Twitter, the London Symphony Orchestra even described the Trombone Champion as a “true genius”.

Player comments:

–Um. . . that is. . . a kind. . . unobstructed beauty

——As soon as I squatted down in the toilet, I watched and clicked on this game video. The buddy in the pit next to me said that my p’s were very musical.

——Lying on the bed and seeing half of it, I felt that something was wrong, but when I changed to the toilet, it finally felt right.

“6 Buildings 301”: If one day I forget you

Game platform: PC

“6 Buildings 301 Rooms” is a student graduation work. The game was made by three girls majoring in games from Communication University of China. From the perspective of an elderly man suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, it showed her life within 5 days. Of course, this life unfolds in oblivion.

The picture is divided into two parts, the right is the real room interior, and the left is the world seen by “I” eyes. In the eyes of “I”, the familiar space has become an endless deep alley–in terms of gameplay, it is a labyrinth that changes from the interior of the room. The 5-day plot takes place in 4 rooms. After waking up every day, “I” have to go back and forth in the mazes of these 4 rooms to find items with important memories attached.

Player evaluation:

——“The greatest fear is not death, but oblivion”

——Because I knew it was related to that disease, I cried for a whole hour after the procedure. In my life, my grandma has started to call me by my name.

——The original intention and core are good, but it can’t be called a “game” because there is no gameplay at all. It may be an explanation to classify these backward and boring operation processes as “cause causes”, but there is no way to immerse people. , very sleepy to play.