Overturn the palette! Nike’s new “Valentine’s Day” Dunk Low What’s your score?

The launch of special color matching sneakers with Valentine’s Day as the theme has become one of the compulsory courses for many brands, and because of the super high value of this theme, it has also attracted the attention of sneaker players.

Among them, Nike’s annual Valentine’s Day series is particularly brilliant, and it can leave a deep impression on everyone every time.

For example, the StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low released in 2020, in addition to its super high value, the market price is even more prohibitive. Now the market price of women’s size is still maintained at 10,000 yuan.

▼ StrangeLove x Nike SB Dunk Low

Recently, this year’s Valentine’s Day color matching Nike Dunk Low physical map exposure, although there is no gorgeous dress, but the value is still online.

The whole pair of shoes is dominated by white, and the material of the shoe body is made of lychee leather and ordinary leather, which is low-key without losing texture.

In terms of details, the Nike words on the heel and tongue have chosen yellow accents, adding a touch of dazzling detail to the otherwise plain shoe body.

The upper part is decorated with a yellow heart , which shows the special identity of Valentine’s Day color matching.

Finally, it ends with a white midsole to complete the overall shape design.

At present, there is no specific release date for the new Nike Dunk Low “Valentine Day” , and interested friends can continue to pay attention.