Overseas netizens hotly discuss Ming Titans 0 damage in 21 minutes: it is equivalent to Ming’s absence from the game

RNG lost 0-3 to T1 in the top 8 of the S12 World Championship, and was eliminated after being swept away. Recently, foreign media discovered that Ming’s signature hero Titan, in the top 8 and the first game of T1, did not deal damage to the hero for the first time until 21 minutes. Before that, the Q skill was completely empty, which caused a lot of heated discussions. Soon this incident also spread overseas, let’s see how overseas netizens commented!

-ming’s Q skills may all be given to the wall.

– But what about his R?

– for sure, he definitely used W a lot.

The -W skill should always be on cooldown.

– So Ming just runs around but doesn’t hit anything?

-Wait, does this mean that Ming actually missed the game and didn’t even touch any enemy heroes until 21 minutes?

– When Faker exceeds cast range, his titan cancels his ultimate, before and after that, he is invisible.

– In the face of Ashega’s boss choosing Titan, it doesn’t work at all.

-T1 suppressed RNG for most of that game, so ming had no chance to deal damage at all.

– While I don’t think he really had any role in that game, it’s not a very good argument to judge by damage and time. As a hook hero, maybe he just walks up to the enemy and makes them miss the cover, and he plays those roles.

– It’s not just about damage, the threat of the hook hero to the opponent is not just a cover.

-I’m even more shocked by Ming’s patience, how can he TMD not hook for 20 minutes? I’m 100% hooked many times and there will always be a hit.

-I’m really confused about RNG’s choice of titans to face Ashe and Big Head.

– This is really ridiculous, it means 0 attempts in the laning phase, as a team-opening support, 0 hook hits, not even a single E or R hit, a full 21 minutes.

– If it is a soft support, it may be treated or shielded at the back. It is understandable that you didn’t hit people because of the lack of damage skills. As a team-opening support, this means that before 21 minutes, you did nothing.

– What can the titans do against Ashe and Big Head?

-21 minutes have ended the laning period.

-Many people say that the Titans can’t fight Ashe and Datou in the laning phase, but have they ignored it, there are two other ways in this game, RNG likes to invade and catch people the most, right?

– I just want to say that RNG is a little weird after winning the MSI.

-I feel like they really just want to defend their Spring Tigers title.

– RNG’s jungler is completely suppressed, and it’s no surprise that the Titans are powerless.

– I still remember that LPL had an AD who used VN to only Ace the opponent’s hero 3 times in the whole game.

– Such a bad draft would have been hard to attack in this game.

-Imagine it’s your own solo queue, but surrender after 20 minutes, check the damage stats after the game, and find that your support has done 0 damage.

So, what do you have to say about the views of these overseas netizens?