Overseas netizens are hotly discussing the elimination of JDG from T1: the gap between the middle and AD! LPL was slapped in the face, dreaming back to 2015

In the semi-finals of the S12 World Championship, JDG lost to T1 with a 1-3 record and stopped in the top 4. Soon this game also aroused heated discussions among a large number of overseas netizens, let’s see what their thoughts are!

– It really doesn’t make sense that Faker and Keria are on the same team.

-Oner is the weakest link in the T1 team. This is crazy. T1 has the world’s top 2 top laner, top 5 jungler, top 3 mid laner, top 3 AD, and the world’s No. 1 support.

– I said before the game that the key to JDG winning is whether kanavi can suppress oner.

– This match greatly increases the LCK’s odds of winning the World Championship.

-The rumours of the LCK’s declining power are grossly exaggerated.

– Since 2017, Faker has reached the World Championship again. 5 years later, Faker is finally back in the finals and has the potential to be the only 4-time world champion, he’s definitely a GOAT.

– The most critical operation of T1 management is to announce Bengi as head coach.

– The T1 looks crazy and the truck company is going to be in trouble.

– The LCK Fall Season is fully back.

– The swimwear company is going to make a fortune.

-The Korean truck company declared bankruptcy.

– Chinese truck companies will enter a boom period.

– This first three games looked close until T1 realized they were actually stronger.

– This game is not just about the team gap, JDG lost both the laning phase in the bot lane and the mid lane, and their play is also very bad.

– In these 4 games, to be honest for me Keria is the MVP and the mid lane gap is also serious.

-I think zeus is also playing well, JDG wants to get an advantage from the top lane, but Zeus is good against 1v2. Of course, Zeus didn’t win the lane, but he didn’t give 369 an advantage and didn’t send it, which made it difficult for 369 to carry, and also made T1’s bottom lane duo very good to carry.

-Faker shows off his Ryze like it’s 2016.

-Gumayusi deserves credit, but Keria made the game different, it’s a support gap I’ve never seen, he’s really good.

-Keria played Nami and Renata as carry-type supports.

-AD gap is too big.

-Keria is also at a different level than Missing, the bot lane gap is crazy.

– Originally Hope was in SKT.

-Gumayusi and Keria look like the best bot laners in the world, Ruler is ready to fight!

– This is the first full LCK final since 2017ian, and most likely it will be SKTvsSSG like 2017.

– This is their third final, 2016 is also SSG vs SKT.

-I really don’t understand why JDG chose Jhin in the fourth game, I feel that the mentality of the JDG players collapsed after the third game.

-Hope missing, JDG’s bottom laner lives up to his name.

– No G2 saves LPL this year.

– Go back in time? The LCK team was only eliminated by the LCK team? This year the LPL was slapped in the face, is it back to 2015?

-Faker is crazy, everyone keeps saying he’s slipping, but he can always play brilliantly, and the gap in the middle is obvious.

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