Over 100 million Asian overseas “fans” Online literature tells Chinese stories to the world

Today (May 27), at the opening ceremony of the “2023 China International Internet Literature Week” held in Hangzhou, the “Report on the Development of Chinese Internet Literature in Asia” was released.

The report shows that in 2022, the market size of China’s online literature going overseas will exceed 3 billion yuan. Among them, Asia is the region where Chinese online literature is most widely disseminated. In 2022, the scale of Chinese online literature in the Asian overseas market will reach 1.6 billion yuan.

Chinese online literature in Asia is mainly spread in five ways: physical book publishing, translation online dissemination, IP transformation and dissemination, establishment of local ecology, and investment in overseas markets.

Up to now, Chinese online literature has more than 100 million subscribers in Asian overseas markets. The age of overseas readers in Asia is generally under 35 years old. Readers from Southeast Asian and South Asian countries such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, and India account for more than 80%. The report believes that after more than 20 years of development, online literature has become an important part of contemporary Chinese literature. (Bian Xiaoyan, CCTV reporter)