Ouyang Nana and Reba’s secrets to keep warm are real enough!

Recently, many netizens have been discussing that “people should dress maturely when they are over 20 years old.” In the face of frequent cooling, the so-called maturity is probably the balance between warmth and style. If you want to be stylish and warm into the winter, you may wish to look at the short coat.

If the long coat brings the blessing of temperature and aura, then the flexible “inside and outside wear” property of the short jacket is naturally no problem in the face of different temperature differences. A classic yet practical denim jacket wrapped in a black base, the loose silhouette and zipper design is not only casual and comfortable, but the denim fabric also resists the chill.

The elasticated cuffs and simple logo embellishment inject a little sporty vibrancy, with a baseball cap printed with an American retro pattern, full of student feeling.

The classic button design is also full of ingenuity, and the lapels are stitched with corduroy fabric details, even in minimalist dark tones.

Embroidered pattern embellishment, also without losing details. Colorful threads add character and personality to the classic denim color. The inner dress is complemented by the edge of the veil, which is firm and soft, exuding charm.

Di Ali Gerba’s old-fashioned coat is bright enough in color. Not only is the line full of contours, it jumps out of the conventional basic tones, and it is thick but not dull.

A little colder, wearing a hooded cardigan and sweater inside not only adds a sense of layering to the look, but also provides a more comfortable and casual wearing experience for some outdoor activities such as outings and mountain climbing.

This season, in addition to the versatile classic styles, denim vests are paired with regular cotton clothes and sweaters to easily create a college atmosphere. For example, Bai Baihe, a vest made of old washed denim fabrics, layered with layers of black padded jackets, rich in texture and layering, and the temperature is a little colder, you might as well try it.

The black denim vest is matched with the black sweater, and the olive green knitted cold hat is matched with details. When going out to play, the cool girl style of simple punk is easy to handle.

When it comes to cool girls, of course, a sassy leather jacket is indispensable. The natural tough silhouette is matched with a low-key luster, and the aura and texture are doubled. Wanpeng’s stand-up collar design and waist-reduction details not only optimize the proportions of the body, but also the concise and neat lines are full of coolness.

A motorcycle leather jacket that is always fashionable online, combined with wool fabrics, the firm outline wraps the soft touch, building a warm defense line for the body, and at the same time, the aura is full.

This season, baseball jackets are making a comeback. Although it is wrapped in a consistent street style, it can still unlock new styles by wearing it inside. Wang Feifei used a logo quilted pilot jacket with an oversized white shirt inside, showing a trendy and cool style between black and white, but added a sense of gentle student.

Bai Baihe uses a suede textured baseball uniform with an ankle-length asymmetrical skirt, white socks with German training shoes, and a baseball cap that echoes the sense of the street, with a little American retro flavor.

The suede baseball jacket in pink and brown color matching is full of retro and autumn and winter flavors.

The plush baseball jacket worn by Yang Mi has a soft texture and is also a style that many girls prefer in winter. The light-colored wool gives people a bright and warm visual experience.

The plush wool texture can be easily controlled whether it is daily commuting or outdoor outings. For example, Yang Caiyu’s lapel-style wool short jacket is paired with beige trousers, which is fashionable.

If you are indoors, you can also choose a short-sleeved wool coat with a simple knitted sweater inside. The combination of beige and maroon not only gives people a soft and relaxed visual experience, but the thick wool adds warmth and comfort.

Before entering the winter, remember to arrange a warm equipment for yourself!

Image source: The official Weibo of the star and the studio, the official Xiaohongshu account of the star