Outrageous! Lego desk was exposed to hidden cameras

Recently, a number of media have reported complaints from consumers against the Lego lift table: they said that the Lego A9 smart lift table they purchased had many problems such as product quality and inconsistency with the publicity. What’s even more shocking is that there is a camera hidden in the digital screen that comes with this music lift table!

Hidden camera, this keyword undoubtedly provokes the user’s fragile nerves. It is understood that in the official product introduction of the Lego A9 smart lift table, there is no mention of the function of this camera. Buy a table with a camera? This is obviously unreasonable and poses a threat to user privacy.

With the fermentation of the incident, Lego finally gave an official response a few days later. Regarding the installation of the camera, Lego said: “The built-in camera of the smart screen that comes with this product is used for the contactless heart rate detection function developed by the company. Provide users with health value-added services.

This function software is technically difficult and requires a high degree of cooperation between hardware and software algorithms. There are some compatibility problems in the local use of this product. At present, this function is being further developed and improved in research and development, and this function is currently closed. Therefore, in fact, the built-in camera is currently in an idle state, and there is no problem of stealing user privacy at all. “

In addition, Lego said that in the future, when the company officially provides this service function to consumers in an all-round way, it will further explain to consumers in the instruction manual, obtain the consent of consumers, and provide charging services on a voluntary basis. At that time, the company will submit the relevant code of the smart screen to the authoritative third-party platform for inspection and investigation, and will not abuse the device to retrieve user privacy in accordance with relevant laws. At the same time, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to consumers by the camera.

It can be seen from this description that Lego intended to develop a non-contact heart rate detection function when developing this lift table product, but when the development failed, it directly castrated the function and put it on the market, while the camera was dealt with. concealed.

But the idle statement obviously can’t allay people’s worries. Is there no privacy threat when the camera is idle? Whether it is corporate theft or external intrusion, the relationship is unclear. In the reply letter, Lege stated that the A9 products were removed from the shelves, and the reason they gave for the removal was out of prudence. Why not think carefully before the product goes to market? Should compensation be given to users who have already purchased and used the product?

Xiang Lehong, the founder of Lego, once told the media: He did his best to participate in the research and development of almost all Lego products, from the initial investigation, product design, product development and various improvements. “Compared to other titles, my favorite is the chief product manager.” So I wonder if the founders of Lego have personally introduced their products to the market without completing their functions?

User privacy and security is no trivial matter, and Lego must explain the hidden camera to the public and give users a secure table.