Outdoor fitness venues are blowing “industrial style”

Tracks, ropes, metals… A series of industrial elements are integrated with sports equipment on the Changtuo 1958 outdoor square, attracting many citizens to come to experience, exercise and fitness, but also experience the industry belonging to the old factory Culture brings a refreshing feeling.

Walking into the Changtuo 1958 open park and square, the sense of movement and industry are intertwined. Tire-style swings, pipe-shaped slides, climbing equipment composed of knots… One of the characteristics of these sports equipment with a sense of design on the square is that it is suitable for parent-child sports. The equipment is unique and interesting, creating a piece for children. Sports Paradise.

Many parents bring their children here to enjoy the fun of outdoor sports. They ride bicycles on the “tracks” in the air, “compete” on the seesaw boards, and throw and catch the ball in the sand pit. The style adds a fresh touch, making it enjoyable for adults and children alike.

“The sports facilities here are very special. It is very creative to combine the characteristics of outdoor sports and industrial parks. While doing activities, you can see the shadow of the old factory. Not only do children find it fresh and fun, but as parents, we can also bring our children. At the same time, use these equipment to do sports.” said the parent, Ms. Hu.

The old industrial factory area is opened up as a venue for sports and fitness, which not only contains industrial heritage, but also injects new vitality into sports and fitness. It is a sports and fitness place suitable for all ages. An old man who was exercising here said that he saw that the former factory had a new look, and he still retained a lot of memories of the previous era. Check your muscles and bones, sometimes take a walk in the park, and feel happy.

Outdoor sports and industrial style seem to have little connection, but they are subtly connected here. The industrial elements show different sports postures, adding a novelty and happiness to sports and fitness.

Author: Luo Tianchu, an all-media reporter of Jilin Daily