Our moods are related to colors

Your emotional response may be related to the color you see…

1. White

White walls should be common at home, or you have seen a girl’s white dress. White can represent purity, innocence, coldness or simplicity.

These white colors can calm your mood and allow you to think calmly.

2. Black

We have witnessed the advent of black, we have seen bottomless black holes, and we have also seen black dogs and black mice. Black is related to seriousness, mystery, death, and night.

These blacks can make us scared, nervous, and even blue. 3. Red

We have shed blood, seen beautiful women in red, used red washbasins, and posted red happy words. Red is associated with health, vitality, attractiveness, and even warning.

These reds draw your attention, raise your heartbeat, and make you more competitive.

4. Yellow

Have you seen the TV series? Is the color of the palace resplendent? Kindergartens also like to decorate with yellow. Yellow is related to happiness, happiness and energy.

These yellows can make you feel happy and excited, and can also make you feel a huge sense of pressure. The golden yellow of the emperor has basically been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people…

5. Blue

Looking up at the sky, the sky is blue, and the mood is good. Blue is related to loyalty, harmony, wisdom, and openness.

These blues can make us think calmly and calm our impetuous heart…

Emotional color is around us and affects us silently, we may not know it, but we all have our favorite colors…